What if you have a power outage in the house during heavy rain?

Let me guess. Your AC-powered sump pump would stop working at once. Then the increased water level would take over your basement. And the rest is just a nightmare.

So, what is the point of buying a sump pump?

The thing is, a sump pump is a first-line defense against water in the basement. And like any other battle, it needs a backup plan for emergencies.

Yes, you guessed it right, A DC-powered backup sump pump. And our hero of this article, “Wayne ESP25 12V backup sump pump” is amazing at giving support during emergencies. If you want some peace of mind, this can be a great bet.

In this Wayne esp25 review, we have described all the unique features, its benefits, specifications, and limitations. Also, you will get to know different ways to avoid the limitations of this backup sump pump.

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WAYNE ESP25 Review

Introducing Wayne ESP25 12V Backup Sump Pump

Wayne ESP25 is the DC-powered pump used in the Wayne WSS30VN combo sump pump. The WSS30VN has both Wayne CDU800 and Wayne ESP25 connected in a package. Both of these pumps are top-reviewed on amazon.

If you want to protect your house, this combo package can be ideal for you. But if you already own a sump pump from another company, don’t get upset.

This Wayne ESP25 is designed to assist any other primary sump pump. It is a top-notch battery-powered de-watering machine that collects and pumps water out of the house when the primary one fails. Also, it teams up with the other pump when there is a heavy inflow of water.

Here is some important information to look at.

Wayne ESP25 12V Backup Sump Pump Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Wayne.
  • It is assembled in the USA.
  • Pump type: DC-powered 12-volt backup sump pump.
  • Weight-16.3 pounds. Construction: thermoplastic.
  • Dimension: 11×16.3×9 inches.
  • Battery: 75AH deep cycle lead-acid battery.
  • Switch type: Vertical float switch. On level: 9″ and off level: 4″
  • Maximum pumping height-15 feet.
  • Flow rate-3300 GPH.
  • It requires a minimum of 15 inches diameter in the sump pit.
  • Working temperature: 33-120 degrees Fahrenheit.

What We Like About This Product

  • It comes with a warranty.
  • This little beast is more efficient than its counterparts.
  • It is easy to install the pump and doesn’t require plumbing changes.
  • You will find it quieter and 4 times faster than other ones.
  • It comes with an LED indicator and an audible alarm.

What We Don’t Like

  • The battery is not included.
  • Customers complain about the battery box being too small.

Who Is This Product For?

The thing is you may not even require a backup pump. For such cases, installing an average AC powered sump pump is more than enough.

But if your house needs another layer of protection during demanding weather, you should opt for this.

Let’s make it easier for you. Here is a list. If you can relate to any of these following circumstances, you need this backup pump.

  • Your house often experiences power outage during the rough climatic condition.
  • You live in a low-lying area or at the bottom of a hill. If you dwell in California, South Carolina, New- Jersey, North Carolina, or Florida, your house needs extra protection.
  • You like to have peace in mind when you are away from the house.
  • You’ve stored organic and valuable furnishings in the basement.
  • Sometimes your existing pump gets ineffective and can’t handle too much pressure.

Problems You Might Face With Wayne ESP25

This ESP25 from Wayne has earned the satisfaction of it’s customers. Customers have found it surprisingly fast and quiet.

Still, people face some issues and we would like you to know them as well.

Bad Float Switch Design

A common issue with every sump pump is the automatic switch. It is designed to float as the water rises and to give a signal to the pump. But many times the switch gets stuck and fails to identify the water level.

You can solve this problem by installing a water alarm just above the backup’s built-in alarm. When the float switch fails to give a signal and start the pump, the water level would increase. As it touches the water alarm, you will be notified by the ringing. The purpose of this alarm is to let you know that your backup has failed. Then you can take action.

You Have To Include Battery

It is a 12V battery backup sump pump. It works on DC-power. To start it, you require a 75 AH marine deep cycle Lead-acid battery. But unfortunately, the battery is not included in the package. You have to pay for it.

That’s why most people don’t buy it. They think it is not necessary. And even if they buy it once, they don’t think of replacing it again.

Batteries have a limited life cycle. It can be 6 months or a year. After it, the fluid in the battery cell dries out and it expires. The pump won’t even start without a battery. No battery means you get zero support during emergencies.

You can solve this problem by examining the battery from time to time. If you find it dead, replace it. Yeah, it sounds costly. But in actual sense, this is more like a necessity than a luxury.

Wayne ESP25 Review: Features And Benefits

Now let’s dig deeper into our Wayne esp25 backup system review. Down below we have simplified all the amazing features and benefits.

Thermoplastic Construction

The use of thermoplastic as the housing material for sump pumps is rapidly growing. Thermoplastic doesn’t have much heat conductivity. That’s why it can stay in shape at a higher temperature too. The working temperature of this pump is 33 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

And that’s just one benefit. Thermoplastic is resistant to corrosion and rust (all plastics are). We know how much harm corrosion can cause.

It shows less wear and tears over time. Also, Thermoplastic is good at handling toxic chemicals. That’s why this pump is fit to survive a challenging environment better than its metal counterparts.

Automatic Vertical Float Switch

It has a separate float switch to trigger the pump. You won’t have to worry about the circuitry between both of the pumps (primary and ESP25). The triggering level is set higher in this backup pump. Now it only signals danger when the former pump has failed due to a power cut.

The best thing about the ESP25 is that it also works as a helping hand when the AC-powered pump becomes inefficient. When the primary pump becomes insufficient to handle the water inflow, the water keeps rising. On its way, it touches the reed float switch of the backup pump. The switch then triggers the pump to start pumping.

In this way, the ESP25 comes forward and takes action to protect your house during a tough time.

12V Battery Powered Performance

This 12-volt battery-powered motor is equivalent to 1/3HP motor. It is the right choice for an average household. It can lift 3300 GPH @0 head, 2300 GPH @10 feet, and 1500 GPH @15 feet. This flow rate is better than any average primary sump pump.

There is a specific requirement for the battery. You can’t use a 105AH battery or larger than a group-27 battery. The battery box along with the charger is fixed for 75AH deep cycle lead-acid battery.

The battery box is made of Polyethylene. It provides benefits like impact-resistance, corrosion-resistance, easy maintenance, etc.

Additional Features And Benefits

  • It comes with an LED indicator. It lets you know the charging status of this pump and whether it is running or not.
  • It also features a nice alarm. You can hear it from one floor above. It is a signal that the backup system has started working.
  • It includes an advanced charging system. It means you can charge it faster.

How To Install WAYNE ESP25

Wrapping Up

When being told to buy a backup pump for the basement, people generally ask, “Why?” The best answer is “Why not?”

The peace and relaxation you would get are totally worth the money. Besides, it would cost you thousands of dollars on repairing because of an unexpected flood.

We think it is smarter to spend on one of the best backup sump pumps in the market. It will save you a lot of time and the headache of repairing.

Check out out reviews and comparison of the best Wayne Sump Pumps.

Thank you for keeping up with this Wayne esp25 battery backup sump pump review.

Here are some tips for you –

  • The manual is accurate but don’t take it as a step-by-step guide. It contains more data than necessary and can be confusing to newbies. You can ask a professional.
  • It is specifically mentioned that only group-27 batteries would fit in the battery box. Anything larger won’t fit.
  • Use a silent check valve to get rid of the “thunk” sound.
  • Check it at least once a month.

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