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Nothing can feel worse than watching a flooded basement even though you have a pump.

The thing is, these primary pumps are AC powered and stop working as soon as they detect a power cut. But it is quite common to lose power during a heavy rainstorm. That means, you don’t get the protection when you need it the most, and your nightmare comes true.

The basement watchdog bw4000 combination sump pump can be the solution to this problem. It has an effective AC powered motor with a back-up system that can handle any water emergency. Now you can sleep peacefully knowing that your basement is in the right hands.

In this basement watchdog review, we will analyze every aspect of this pump including features, benefits, and limitations. We will also try to simplify the technical features for your better understanding.

Have fun reading!

Introducing Basement Watchdog BW4000 Combination Sump Pump

The basement watchdog bw4000 combination pump includes a powerful 1/2HP AC powered primary pump which is connected to a battery back-up system.

Unlike other combo pumps, it has placed the back-up pump midway within the construction of the main pump. Also, the design makes sure that the discharges of the two pumps merge at the top of the housing. This unique design helps the pump to create a small footprint.

Check out the important details of this sump pump below.

Basement Watchdog BW4000 Combination Sump Pump Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Glentronics.
  • Model number: BW4000.
  • Pump type: AC powered primary sump pump and battery back-up pump.
  • Product dimension: 8.75x11x18 inches.
  • It weighs about 26 pounds.
  • Construction material: cast iron/ cast aluminum with a non-corrosive strainer.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are required. The 30HDC140S basement watchdog back-up pump battery is recommended.
  • Motor: 1/2HP for the primary pump.
  • The flow rate is 3200 GPH at 10’ head and 1730 GPH at 10’ head for the back-up pump.
  • NPT discharge pipe: 1-1/4”.

Things I Liked About This Product

  • It is pre-assembled. That’s why the installation process is super easy.
  • It can pump water even if the electricity is gone.
  • The cast iron construction adds to its durability.
  • It monitors the pumps 24×7 and sends you a warning immediately if something goes wrong.
  • The impeller is sturdy enough for tough situations.
  • The pumping capacity or flow rate is efficient for low to medium water table.

Things I Didn’t Like

  • No battery is included in the package. You have to buy one separately.
  • No carrying handle is attached. It makes the installation difficult.

Who Is This Product For?

This basement watchdog is a little beast that most people underestimate. It is perfect for any type of household. Still, it is okay to wonder if you really need this or not.

To lay your fears down, we have prepared a list. If you can relate to any of these following circumstances, this bw4000 is all you need.

  • Losing electricity is very common for your house during heavy rain.
  • You live in a low-lying area. During rough weather, your old pump seems inefficient.
  • You have stored valuable furniture in the basement. You need to protect those from unwanted moisture.
  • You stay away from home a lot. You don’t have time to worry if the pump is still working or not. It means you require a pump that has back-up.
  • You want to add value to the house for the clients.

Problems You Might Have To Face

Buying a sump pump is a long term investment. That’s why we like to inform you about all the troubles you may need to deal with.

The pump may not start running

This complaint is pretty common. Sometimes it can happen due to a locked impeller. When debris or small pebbles get stuck into the impeller and prevent it from rotating, all you have to do is, clean the impeller properly.

But the reason can be something else too like, a defective float switch, defective pump, or poor power source. Then you have to find the cause and replace the defective parts.

Buying the right batteries

Though the package includes a battery box, you have to buy the battery separately. Now, it’s important to buy the right battery. Without it, the back-up system won’t operate.

The 30HDC140S basement watchdog back-up pump battery is highly recommended. It may last 1 to 3 years. Otherwise, you can use any major sump pump battery or marine deep cycle battery. But make sure the battery is not maintenance-free.

The pump may shut down too frequently

Now you don’t want your pump to shut down when you need it the most. This problem can occur due to water flowing back from the pipe or defective float switch. To solve this problem, you have to replace the check valves or the float switch.

Abnormal sound or vibration

Many people think their pump is damaged when they hear abnormal sounds or vibration. But sometimes your pump has nothing to do with such sounds. It may occur due to a broken check valve or a broken screen intake.

Basement Watchdog Review: Features And Benefits

Here is the most awaited section of this basement watchdog review. Keep reading:

Cast iron housing

The material used for pump housing is cast iron. Cast iron is considered the most durable material for a sump pump. It has great heat-dissipating elements that help to keep the pump cooler. It also has anti-corrosive properties that protect the outer layer of the pump in the water.

The pump is reliable. It can surely pass the test of time.

½ HP AC powered pump with a back-up

This pump includes a 1/2HP AC powered pump that has a flow rate of 3200 GPH at 10’ head. But the biggest advantage is its battery-powered backup pump. It pumps 1730 GPH at 10’ head.

When the power is cut and the main pump stops working, the back-up system kicks in. It has enough power to handle a medium water level.

Moreover, when the electricity is not gone but the primary pump faces a hard time due to heavy water inflow, the back-up system becomes a helping hand. With two powerful pumps working, you have nothing to worry about.

Polycarbonate impeller

Since this pump has to pump a large amount of water inflow, the impeller has to be sturdy enough. Luckily, this pump features a polycarbonate impeller.

Polycarbonate is one of the strongest materials for impellers. It is close to unbreakable. It takes the abuse of large debris and pebbles easily.

Besides, the material has some degree of thermal insulation. That means it is perfect for commercial use also.

Effective dual switch

A switch is the most crucial element of a sump pump. It detects or calculates the level of water. When the water level crosses a predetermined level, it sends a signal to the pump. Thus the pump knows when to work.

This pump features dual reed switches for better performance and peace of mind. One switch is placed a little lower than the other one. In case one switch fails when touched by the water, the water level rises and touches the other one. Then the 2nd one sends a signal to the pump.

LED Monitoring System

The LED monitoring system enables it to let you know the exact problem. The manual describes how you can identify the problem just by looking at the lights.

Additional Features

  • It has a computer-controlled automatic charging system. The charging status is always on the check. The computer will supply a pre-programmed amount of power when the battery status is low.
  • It also comes with an audible alarm system. When the control unit detects that only ½ hour of pumping power is left, the alarm starts ringing. You can silence the alarm during emergencies if you want. But the warning lights will remain until the issue is solved.
  • It offers you a 2-year manufacturer warranty. But keep in mind that. Only the pump is replaceable during the warranty period.
  • A descriptive and user-friendly instruction manual is another cool feature.

Wrapping UP

Basement Watchdog BW4000 has made it possible for you to buy just one pump and leave all the worries behind. It will take care of your house even during a power cut. Though the price is not the cheapest, it will surely cost you more to buy two pumps independently.

Besides, this pump is equipped with quite useful features that you can only expect from a reliable manufacturer.

After all of this being said, the question is, would you give it a chance to prove its potential?

Hope you benefited from this basement watchdog review.

Here are some tips for you. Have a look:

  • Check the battery fluid level once every four months.
  • Do not use the power cord to carry the pump. It may cause severe damage.
  • Do not use this pump in the pits handling sewage water, saltwater, or hazardous liquid. It can only handle groundwater.
  • You should drill a 1/8” hole in the elbow of the pump to prevent airlock in the system.

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