New homeowners have a misconception that buying a sump pump is similar to any other shopping they do. Like you go into a store, pick the best one, and plug it into the basin. We wish it was that simple!!

You see, it can be tricky to find the best sump pump for your basement. And the thing is, you may not even need the most powerful motor or the biggest pump. It depends on your basement.

Today we will introduce a sump pump that is perfect for any average household with the benefits of noise-free operation. No need to ruin your peaceful sleep anymore.

Yes, you have guessed it right. Wayne CDU800 submersible sump pump is what we are talking about.

In this Wayne cdu800 review, we have discussed its features, what benefits you can get from them, all the limitations, and how to overcome them. We have done the research and gone through the reviews to give you a clear image of this ½ HP sump pump.

WAYNE CDU800 Submersible Sump Pump

Introducing Wayne CDU800 Submersible Sump Pump

Only the owners of loud pumps know how annoying it is to hear gunshot like sounds in the middle of the night. The constant “hump” sound can also interfere with your peace of mind.

Luckily, Wayne CDU800 is a quiet dewatering machine. It is not impossible for it to get totally unnoticed. Thanks to Wayne!

It features a cast iron and stainless steel construction with a powerful1/2 HP motor. This strong pump can work on temperature between 40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check out below some important information about this sump pump.


  • Manufacturer: Wayne ( assembled in the US)
  • Motor:1/2 HP
  • Dimensions: 14x10x10 inches.
  • Maximum pumping height: 22 feet.
  • Switch type: vertical float switch, on level: 9″, and off level: 4″.
  • Amp draw: 10 amps and weight: 18.5 pounds.
  • It comes with 8 feet long power cord.
  • NPT discharge: 1-1/2″ and discharge diameter: 11 inches.
  • Flow rate: 3150 GPH at 10 feet, 2100 GPH at 15 feet, and 500 GPH at 20 feet.

What We Like About This Product

  • The installation is pretty easy.
  • It comes with a satisfactory warranty.
  • The construction is strong and reliable.
  • Epoxy powdered coating adds an extra layer of protection
  • The ½ HP motor is efficient and powerful.

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t come with a battery backup.
  • Customers complain about the float switch fails.

Who Is This Product For?

Like any other electronic product, it can’t suffice everybody’s needs. That’s a reality. Every product is designed for a certain group of customers.

Before buying anything, it is crucial to know for whom this product is made. It will save you from making the wrong decision.

Here is a list. If you can relate to any of these circumstances, it is time to install this Wayne CDU800 sump pump.

  • Your old sump pump makes loud noises and you totally dislike it.
  • You live in a house with a low to average water level.
  • Your old 1/3 HP or ¼ HP can’t handle the amount of water running into your sump pit. (You need to upgrade to this ½ HP sump pump).
  • You have respiratory diseases like Asthma or other allergies. Moisture in the house can trigger such diseases.
  • You are planning to sell your house. ( this sump pump can add value to your property)
  • Your sump pit needs more powerful vertical lifts; like 3150 GPH at 10 feet.

Problems You Might Face

Being proactive is better than being reactive. Every product comes with its flaws. It is wise to know how you can defeat these problems instead of ignoring them altogether.

Let’s take a look at the troubles other customers have faced.

Float Switch Failure

If you go through the customer reviews, you will find most of them complain about float switch failure. Though Wayne has designed a reliable switch guard, it can still fail.

Improper installation is the main factor that works here. Homeowners sometimes plug it into the sump pit on their own. It can lead to a wrongly positioned pump base.

It then causes the float to fall into a trap between the wall and the pump. As a result, it can no longer detect the water level precisely. And we all know what happens when the float switch fails.

You can solve this problem by asking for help from a professional. Reading the manual thoroughly will also help.

It Shuts Down During Power Cut

This CDU800 doesn’t come with battery backup. It uses the main electricity line in your home for energy.

It is not uncommon to experience power cut during a storm. That means your sump pump will stop working when the power goes off. That’s not a good sign if your house is facing a heavy rainstorm.

You can solve this problem by installing a backup sump pump with long-lasting batteries. This backup system will kick on if your main sump pump collapses. Besides you can install a generator in the basement too.

Wayne CDU800 Review: Features And Benefits

Let’s dig deeper into our Wayne cdu800 sump pump review and find out what it has to offer.

Cast Iron Body And Stainless Steel Fasteners

If you have researched a bit about sump pumps, you already know what cast iron is. It is the best sump pump material out there.

It is corrosion resistant and can handle thermal shocks better. It means, it can handle sudden temperature change, like pouring hot oil inside the pump or spraying ice-cold water on a hot pump.

Besides, cast iron dissipates the heat of the pump into the fluid. Thus, it plays a role in keeping the pump cooler.

And stainless steel has 10% or more chromium in its structure. It can stay in shape at higher temperatures too. As a result, it doesn’t let water get into the pump and damage it.

Thermally Protected Motor

Sump pumps have to deal with overheating issues all the time. Basically, an impeller receives the electric power and turns it into rotating energy. This rotating energy then transforms into kinetic energy and moves the water.

Debris or pebble may get stuck in the impeller and stop the rotation. But the pump is still running. It causes the electric power to turn into heat.

Now, this CDU800 model is thermally protected. It means it has a sensor that can detect heat rise up, and halt the operation. When the pump is cooler again, you have to press the reset button.

Polycarbonate Impeller

Polycarbonate has carbonate groups in its structure. It is tougher and more durable. It is closer to impossible to break.

Polycarbonate impeller can take more abuse of flying debris without any wear and tear.

Besides, polycarbonate impellers have thermal insulation properties. As a result, they don’t melt and deform while having contact with hot water.

Efficient ½ HP Motor

It offers you a ½ HP motor that can vertically lift 3150 GPH at 10 feet. It is 35-40% more powerful than the 1/3HP ones. It is sufficient height for an average household.

Also, the pump is oil-filled. Oil-filled pumps are always more preferable if you need a quieter operation. Oil dissipates heat equally throughout the fluid and removes hot spots. And your bearings and fittings are always lubricated.

Pretty convenient, right!

Additional Features:

  • It comes with a carrying handle. You can easily lift it without damaging the cord.
  • It comes with a watertight seal. The seal adds to its quietness. Besides, the seal also keeps it cleaner.
  • It is a compact submersible pump. The plumbing is already done. You just need to plug it in and there you go.

Alternative Products You May Consider

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Wrapping Up

Wayne is ruling in this industry for 80 years. Their top-notch product quality and responsive service have built them a loyal customer base throughout the world.

This CDU800 model is basically meant for average households. If your house has a moisture problem (but not so severe), this pump will be very handy. Low price is another advantage.

Though it is not free from faults, it has some great benefits to offer too. But you shouldn’t burden it beyond its capability.

You never know, it can be the ultimate friend of your basement.

Check out out reviews and comparison of the best Wayne Sump Pumps.

Hope this Wayne cdu800 review was helpful to you. We take pride in helping you to choose the right sump pump for your basement. Check the latest price of this unit from amazon by clicking here.


  • Make sure the discharge pipe is draining water at least 20 feet away from your building.
  • If the sump pump frequently shuts down during operation, you need to repair or replace it.
  • Maintain it periodically. Remove it from the sump pit and inspect it.
  • Read the owner’s manual thoroughly before installation.

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