A sump pump is not a luxury accessory for your house anymore. Homeowners have become more aware of the consequences of water emergencies. And they would like to invest money in the safety of their homes by installing a quality sump pump. If you are also looking for a solution to save your house from water damage, what can be better than a high-end pump from a reliable brand?

Red Lion has introduced so many models of sump pumps to meet the needs of different customers. The company believes in product innovation and urges customers to continuously give them inspirations. That’s why the red lion is a top choice for many plumbers and buyers nowadays.

In our red lion sump pump reviews, we have showcased some top-notch red lion pumps. We have gone through a hip of customer reviews on amazon to prepare a helpful analysis of the pumps for you. You will find everything you need to know in our separate review section. And as a bonus, we have also added our final opinion down below.

So, without wasting any more time let’s dive in.

Best Red Lion Sump Pump Reviews

Red Lion Sump Pump Reviews: RL-SC50T, RL-SC50V, RL-SC33DUP

Red Lion is a leading company that takes inspiration from the customers and continuously invests in product development to produce high-end sump pumps. But it is hard to find a perfect pump for your house when there are so many options. And the process gets even harder if you are a first-time buyer.

That’s why we have handpicked the 3 most promising and popular red lion sump pumps: RL-SC50T, RL-SC50V, and RL-SC33DUP. All of these pumps are high-quality and reliable. But you should know all the similarities and differences of these models if you want to buy one for the basement.

Before we jump into our separate review section, let’s have a look at the basic comparison table.

  Red Lion RL-SC50T Red Lion RL-SC50V Red Lion RL-SC33DUP
Model number 14942746 RL-SC50V 14942771
Dimension 7×8.5×13 inches 6.7×8.7×13 inches 9×16.5×13 inches
Weight 20 pounds 20.5 pounds 46 pounds
Pump type Submersible sump pump ( effluent) Submersible sump pump Dual automatic pump
Motor power ½ HP ½ HP 1/3HP
Flow rate 4300GPH 4300 GPH 6000 GPH

Red Lion 14942746 or RL-SC50T Submersible Sump Pump Review

Red Lion 14942746 Sump Pump with Tethered Float Switch
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The RL-SC50T or 14942746 is a very famous sump pump from Red Lion. And the reason is its eye-catching features and reliable design within an affordable price for general homeowners.

This ½ HP submersible pump is made of rugged cast iron. The non-corrosive properties in this material help the pump to last longer inside water. Also, it is resistant to abrasion and impact. It has non-clogged impellers that can deal with ½” spherical solids. So, you won’t have to face sudden shutdowns due to some debris or stones getting stuck into the impeller.

The RL-SC50T model features a piggyback float switch. It is more advanced and effective than regular sump pump switches that can fail at any time. A switch is actually the key factor that affects a pump’s reliability.

The major benefit of this kind of switch is that you can turn on the pump manually even if the switch fails. It comes with 2 plugs. One is for the pump and the other one is for the switch. So, the pump can be tested without fully opening it.

Moreover, the pump is outfitted with PSC or permanent split capacitor motor. It is a simple turn-on and turn-off design. As a result, there is no medium speed in such a motor. Either you get the full speed or no speed at all.

Why is a PSC motor preferable? Well, the efficiency rate is higher in such a motor. The PSC motor allows less friction and reduces the amount of heat being generated through this. Less friction also leads to a smoother and longer operation.

For a better user experience, try to install quality check valves in a horizontal position. Installing it in a vertical position may cause solids to get stuck easily. Also, drill a 1/8″ relief hole in the pipe to avoid airlock issues.


  • This is a top-quality sump pump that can manage the high water level.
  • It comes with a good 3 –year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The discharge flow rate is 4300 GPH.
  • It is a quiet automatic pump.
  • Customers have the option to replace the switch only.
  • The ½ HP pump motor is really energy efficient.


  • Some customers have complained about the pumping power.
  • It is not suitable for any pond applications.

Red Lion RL-SC50V (½ HP) Sump Pump Review

Red Lion RL-SC50V Accessories 4300 GPH Sump Pump
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Next, we will be talking about the RL-SC50V sump pump. Since you have already gone through the RL-SC50T model, then you probably know about most of its features. As the name suggests, both the RL-SC50T and RL-SC50V models are pretty much identical except for the switch technology. Yes, the former one is outfitted with a tethered float switch and the later one offers you a vertical cord switch. Apart from this difference, the RL-SC50V has all other facilities of the RL-SC50T model.

First of all, the construction material is heavy-duty cast iron. We all know why it is the most desirable material for manufacturing a sump pump. It has great heat dissipating power. As a result, the pump can operate for longer periods without any wear and tear. And longer working periods mean greater efficiency.

Plus, the pump is a submersible one. Submersible pumps are famous for their noise-free performance. It means you won’t hear disturbing sounds to wake you up in the middle of the night.

Well, we can’t skip motor capacity when it comes to evaluating a sump pump. This ½ HP pump is quite powerful with a flow rate of 4300 GPH. This capacity is more than enough for an average household. You can expect a bone-dry basement or crawl-space even if there is heavy rainfall.

Besides, the Red Lion RL-SC50V sump pump comes with a power cord, long manufacturer’s warranty, and a piggyback float switch that is less prone to fail. And the best thing about this amazing sump pump is its reasonable price. You can easily get it for under $150.

Another thing to add, Red lion allows customers to exchange the switch if it fails during operation. Thus, you wouldn’t have to replace the whole $150 pump for a small switch. Talk about convenience, right?


  • The ½ HP pump motor has the same quality as the top-notch classical sump pumps.
  • You can expect a quieter service even during tropical rainfall.
  • Among all three sump pumps we are reviewing today, this pump happens to be the cheapest.
  • The construction is strong and can surely pass the test of time.
  • It is a versatile pump and can be used for effluent water removal residential applications.


  • The 10-foot power cord seems to be a drawback for this pump.
  • This pump can’t be utilized for any kind of pond applications. So if you need dewatering services that involve ponds, you’d better leave the idea of buying the Red Lion RL-SC50V sump pump.

Red Lion 14942771 or RL-SC33DUP Automatic Sump Pump Review

Red Lion 14942771 Dual Automatic Cast Iron Sump Pump System
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When it comes to outstanding performance and years of reliability, nothing can beat the Red Lion RL-SC33DUP. Though it’s a bit pricier than the previous ones, the money you spend is totally worth it.

If your first concern is getting the peace of mind, you should stop looking further. This red little beast is a dual automatic submersible sump pump. The 1/3HP primary pump comes with a back-up system. That means you have double protection against the water monster.

It is pretty common to lose electricity when the weather is bad. But that’s when your basement faces a critical situation and needs safety. Thanks to the RL-SC33DUP unit, you get a double-flow rate and worry-free service. It is perfect for a basement with an average to high water level.

Plus the pump is automatic with a piggyback float switch. It depends on the pressure of water inside the sump pit rather than the height of the water. Though it doesn’t produce noise while working that doesn’t mean it is less powerful. This smart pump can detect the presence and rise of water and trigger the pumping immediately.

The non-clogging or 100% recessed impeller is another praise-worthy feature of this unit. Regular centrifugal pumps never allow enough passage for debris to pass smoothly. But the amazing rotor design and greater tolerance between the rotor and the volute gives a passage for rocks, stones, and debris to pass without affecting the operation. It ensures a longer cycle of the sump pump with fewer repairing. The electric voltage required is 115V and the size of discharge is 1-1/2” FNPT.

Moreover, it features a highly efficient PSC motor. It consists of a cage rotor and two windings (main and auxiliary windings). The capacitor is always connected to a circuit and there is no intermediate speed. Another benefit of the pump motor is its energy-saving ability. The pump makes sure to convert all the electricity into kinetic energy instead of heat. So, you get a cooler pump that lasts longer.


  • It is a dual automatic sump pump that can pump water even during a power cut.
  • Due to having a back-up, the pumping capacity is superior.
  • The maximum pumping height is 25 feet.
  • It comes with a warranty.
  • The pipes and valves are pre-assembled perfectly for an easy installation.
  • It can handle ½” semi-solids without hampering the operation.


  • Among all the three pumps this one has the highest price.
  • The 10 foot long power cord can be inadequate for some customers.
  • It is not suitable for ponds.

Final verdict

Now that you have gone through the whole article, making a decision won’t be too hard for you. But it is normal to feel a little overwhelmed. After all, buying a sump pump is a long term investment and a wrong sump pump can affect the safety of your house.

That’s why we have prepared this section o give you our final opinion regarding the three pumps we discussed earlier.

If your first concern is budget, we would recommend the RL_SC50V sump pump. You will get it under $150 easily. Besides, it has pretty convenient features to help during water emergencies such as Power cord, piggyback float switch, PSC motor, non-clogged impellers, and strong built quality. This effluent water removal pump can perform different types of activities. So, we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a decent pump within an affordable price range.

Now, the RL-SC50T has all the same features and characteristics as the RL-SC50V unit. The only difference is the switch. If you prefer a vertical cord switch instead of the tethered one, then this is the way to go.

The RL-SC33DUP unit doesn’t fall into the same category as the other ones. That’s why we need to address it separately. Unlike the other two pumps, it comes with a back-up system. That means the flow rate and strength are double. So if you live in an area that encounters natural disasters frequently, this pump can surely satisfy you.

Plus a power outage won’t cause the pumping to stop. With this pump in your sump pit, you have a better chance of seeing a bone-dry basement even during a tropical rainstorm. But the only drawback is its price. It is pricier than the other two models. And we clearly understand the reasons.

We have now reached the end of our red lion sump pump reviews. Hope it benefited you.

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