Superior Pump 91250 Reviews
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Are you looking for a low budget pump that can perform better than an average box store one? Then this article is a must-read for you.

Superior pump 91250 is the best pick if you are on a tight budget. And thanks to its clever engineering, you can still enjoy a lot of useful features within such a price range.

Now, the Superior 91250 utility pump doesn’t fall into the classic sump pump category. As its name suggests, it is a utility pump that can handle various tasks like driving fountains, de-watering basements, draining swimming pools, etc.

In our superior pump 91250 reviews, we will highlight all its features, benefits, and limitations. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive in.

Introducing Superior Pump 91250 Utility Pump

The 91250 is one of Superior Pump’s top-notch de-watering machines. It is super affordable, reliable, and compact. Heavy-duty construction, built-in non-clogging screens, multiple discharge options have only added to its durability. Though you can’t compare it to other premium sump pumps, it can easily handle difficult water emergencies.

Check out the important details of this pump below.

Superior Pump 91250 Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Superior pump.
  • Model number: 91250.
  • Construction material: Thermoplastic.
  • Dimension: 9.3×5.4×5.9 inches.
  • It weighs about 8 pounds.
  • It also comes with a 10 feet long cord.
  • Voltage: 115V. Amps draw 3.8 amps.
  • Motor: ¼ HP and discharge size are 1.25 inches MPT.
  • It comes with a 0.75-inch garden hose adapter.
  • The minimum requirement for sump diameter: 7inches.
  • The flow rate is 1800 gallons per hour on 0 head.

Things We Liked About Superior Pump 91250

  • It is quite enough for you to sleep.
  • The best advantage of this pump is its price tag (under $50).
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • It is designed for multitasking like draining the pool, dewatering the basement, etc.
  • It has multiple hookup options for your ease.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The package only includes one year warranty.
  • It is not a top pick if you are looking for something powerful.

Who Is This Product For?

Superior pump 91250 is really worthy of your second look because of its cool features and reliable performance.

Here is a list for you. If you can relate to any of these following circumstances, this 91250 utility pump is all you need.

  • You don’t want to invest too much money on the sump pump. The price tag is quite a big factor in choosing your perfect pump.
  • You have multiple tasks for the pump.
  • You require dewatering service in the wet basements, roofs, ponds, swimming pools, etc.
  • You don’t want all the features of a top-notch sump pump.

Problems You Might Face

Before you make your mind, check out the following issues that you may need to face. After all, no product is flawless.

The pump would drain little water

Now, this is a very common problem that customers face. There are actually many reasons that play a role like clogged screen, clogged discharge pipe, frozen pipe, air-locked pipe, etc. All you have to do is find the right reason.

If you find a clogged part, clean it carefully. And for an air-locked pipe, clean the airlock hole with a pipe cleaner.

The power cord may get frozen if the weather is too cold

You may face such frozen or inflexible cord issues if your dwelling area is usually prone to harsh weather. You can solve this problem by keeping the pump in a warmer place. That means you should buy it only if you can keep it away from cold.

Here is an advice. Buy a 5-gallon bucket and keep the pump in it. This bucket will act as a sump and make it easier for you to carry.

superior pump 91250 reviews: Features And Benefits

We have reached the most awaited section of our superior pump 91250 reviews. Keep reading to find out the features and their benefits.

Thermally protected motor

A thermally protected motor detects or calculates an increase in the temperature of the pump. Overheating during operation is a threat to the longevity of the pump. That’s why whenever the sensors detect overheating, the pump is turned OFF.

In such cases, you need to turn ON the reset button after a while.

This system really saves your pump from severe damage.

Thermoplastic construction

The construction material used for pump housing is thermoplastic or fancy plastic. Thermoplastic is lighter than cast iron or any other metal. Besides, thermoplastic has better fatigue elements than metals and can take more abuse without getting deformed.

Moreover, this material can resist thermal shocks to a greater degree. That’s why it is beneficial for reducing damage.

Now, as a submersible pump, it has to stay inside water 24×7. That means corrosion resistance is a must. Well, the heavy-duty thermoplastic housing protects this pump from corrosion and abrasion.

1/4 HP motor

It features an efficient 1/4HP motor that can pump 40 gallons in 60 seconds. It means 1800 GPH at 0 head and 1200 GPH at 10 feet head. For an average household, it is pretty much enough. Head refers to the vertical length water that has to cross through the discharge pipe. Besides, it can lift water vertically up to 25 feet easily.

Built-in screens

A clogged screen can stop your pump from running suddenly. But a Superior 91250 utility pump comes with built-in non-clogging screens.

It can handle 1/8 inch spherical solids. It protects your pump from little pebbles and debris.

Additional Features

  • This pump is well-known for its quiet service. That’s why you can use it to drive fountains also.
  • It is compact and lightweight. This portable design helps the owner to carry it anywhere he wants easily. After all, it is not meant for only one job.
  • One of the best advantages of this pump is its ability to hook up to a garden hose. Just be sure to buy a female to male adapter (1.25 inch).

Wrapping Up

A sump pump saves your property from unwanted water. The prices for top quality pumps can be out of budget sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that your precious house won’t get any protection against the moisture monster.

Now, you wouldn’t want to discover an underground pool in the basement, right?

Superior pump 91250 is the perfect solution to such problems. If you are ready to sacrifice some luxurious features, this pump can be a great deal for you.

Hope you benefited from our superior pump 91250 reviews.

Here are some tips for you. Have a look:

  • Do not use the power cord or the discharge hose to carry the pump. It may cause damage.
  • If the pump doesn’t run, it may be due to the thermal protector motor or tripped circuit. In the first case, let the pump cool down. And for the later one, replace and reset the fuse.
  • If the pump doesn’t run appropriately, clean the screen properly. Sometimes debris or stones get stuck into the intake screen.
  • Periodically check the pump for wear and tear. This will help your pump to last for a long time.

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