You need a sump pump in your basement to keep the basement in the best form possible. However, the sump pumps themselves sometimes stop working without you even knowing it unless the alarm is working. Why does that happen?

It mainly happens when the sump pumps fail to turn on and do its job of removing water. Now, the question is what turns it on? The float switch is the device that turns the sump pump on and off depending on the level of water in your basement.

Therefore, it is the most crucial part of a sump pump as if it does not work, the sump pump won’t even pump. This is why most people prefer to buy separate sump pump float switches to get the best service. And, you are here to buy the best sump pump float switch as well. With so many options and features available, it is not an easy job.

But, once you are educated enough to know what’s important you will have a good time with whichever you buy. Let our buying guide and reviews guide you on the right path.

Best Sump Pump Float Switch Reviews

1. LevelGuard Z24801A1Z Solid State Sump Pump Switch

If you are looking for a high-quality solid-state float switch then this Level Guard float switch may be what you need in your submersible sump pump. Firstly, it is very easy to install. Secondly, it has a good range of maximum and minimum pumping heights.

Furthermore, it can conduct cycles for up to 90 seconds which is a good time for pumping water. The unit works well with powerful sump pumps. It also has a long cord which keeps the power supply contact.

Overall the unit has quite a strong and good build and is built to last. The brand is quite well-reputed in the business as well.


  • The range is quite satisfactory.
  • Quite easy to install.
  • It supplies power continuously.
  • Well-built enough to last.
  • Good value for the money.


  • May malfunction and stop working suddenly.

2. HydroCheck Hi-Lo Pump Controller with Dual Float Switch (HC6000v2)

If you are looking for a versatile float switch that offers adjustability when it comes to range then this HydroCheck Hi-Lo pump may be the one you need. You will find it incredibly easy to install. The reason is it is compatible with most sump pumps out there.

Furthermore, it has fewer moving parts which ensure that it will last for a while. However, one problem you may face with it is that the unit may not stop the cycle accurately when the waterfalls below the lower level.

Furthermore, it may also shut too soon causing water to go back to where it came from. Therefore, it needs a good time limit system to make it work properly keeping the cycle time appropriate.

Apart from all that, the unit comes with an alarm system that sounds loudly when the pump is not working.

The price of the float switch is quite reasonable as well.


  • An adjustable range of operation.
  • Great quality builds with fewer moving parts.
  • Quite a reasonable price.
  • Easy to install.


  • The cycle time may not be very adequate or maybe too long.
  • It does not always work properly.

3. Zoeller 004892 Replacement Switch for 50 and 90 Series Pumps

Zoeller is quite a known name in the sump pump world and you can only expect the best from its float switches. This float switch is for the Submersible Sump Pump Models 53,55,57,59,97 and 98.

The wiring and the overall installation process of these switches are very easy. Furthermore, the range of the float switch is quite good. The maximum and minimum threshold will satisfy you.

The float switch gives you excellent performance while it lasts., But, in a few cases, it just did not last very long.


  • The unit is very easy to install.
  • Great brand reputation.
  • Works great with specific models of sump pumps.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Good range.


  • It may not last for long- you will have to replace the unit.

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4. Superior Pump 92010 Vertical Float Switch

If you are looking for a float switch that will work great with your small and narrow sump pump then this Superior Pump vertical float switch may do good for you. In fact, it does not use mercury to work and it has a good range for working.

Apart from that, Superior Pump is another well-reputed name in this industry and they know very well what they are doing. Therefore, you can rely on their design. However, this particular float switch does not last for very long.

Other than that, while the unit is easy to install and work with most sump pumps out there, you may find it sits in awkward positions with some sump pumps.

The price is very affordable.


  • Quite an easy unit to install.
  • It does not use mercury.
  • Universal design makes it suitable for most sump pumps.
  • A very affordable unit.


  • It may not last for long.
  • It may be awkward when installed.

5. Flotec (Parts 2O FP18-15BD-P2) Sump Pump Float Switch

If you have a sump pump with a diameter of at least 14 inches, this is a float switch that you can use care-freely with the sump pump. In fact, it is a tethered float switch and it works in an amazing way.

While the installation process is quite easy, you have to do it with care as there are sensitive parts in the process too. The unit itself is very affordable but it has a quality that will last. But, if it does stop working, it won’t hurt when you have to replace it.


  • Quite an easy unit to install.
  • Good range and performance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good quality.
  • Very affordable.


  • Needs acre when being installed.

6. Superior Pump 92000 Tethered Float Switch

You can imagine how good Superior Pump products are for making it to our list twice. In fact, this switch is also one of the best and easiest to use. It works really well, does its job perfectly.

However, it isn’t the easiest to install. And, when you do not install it correctly, it may show up with a few problems. The water level at which it works may be too high or too low. Apart from that, this is a unit that is built to last and yet very affordable.


  • A unit that is built to last.
  • It does its job very well.
  • It does not use mercury.
  • The power cord is very long.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Not the easiest to install.
  • It requires a substantial water level to work properly.

7. Basement Watchdog BWC1 Basement Watchdog Dual Float Sump Pump Switch with Controller

If you want a float switch that takes care of everything that may go wrong then this Basement Watchdog float switch may be the one you want. Apparently, it has a dual float in it. So, if one fails the other has your back.

Furthermore, it can also detect minute changes in the water level. Apart from that, it has a design that prevents clogs and protects the unit. The length of each cycle is satisfactory as well.

However, this is not a unit that lasts for very long.


  • It protects itself quite well.
  • Prevents clogs.
  • It has two floats.
  • It does its job really well.
  • Quite affordable.


  • It does not last for too long.

Best Sump Pump Float Switch: The Buying guide

Here are a number of factors that you have to consider when buying a float switch for your sump pump.

The type of float switch

Yes, everything that has been made is available in various types and so are float switches. In fact, it is mainly of two types and each operates in its own way.

Vertical Float Switches: These are the switches that use a rod to float up and down. The rod is usually made of stainless steel while the switch itself has is an air-filled core. This type of switch is particularly good for narrow sump pumps because this one takes narrower space to work and get installed.

Actually, the vertical float switches are better for starting shorter pump cycles. In fact, it uses less electricity when it is working. So, these are the benefits of a vertical float switch.

Tethered Float Switch: If you are using a wide and deep sump pump then a tethered float switch will serve you better. This one uses no rod and covers most of the sump pump. So, it is bigger in size.

Likewise, it helps to start longer cycles of pumping and consumes more electricity. If you are using a very powerful sump pump then this is most likely the type of float switch that will serve you best.

The Size of the Switch

There are various kinds of sump pumps available and not all have the same design and size. Therefore, when you are out looking for a float switch make sure that it is compatible with the sump pump you have at home. In fact, it has to be of the right size to fit the sump pump.

If it does not even fit the sump pump in the perfect manner you can expect less than the satisfying performance from it.

The Ease of Installation

The float switch must be easy to install in the sump pump. If you have to take the sump pump apart fully just to install the float then it is not very convenient, is it? Therefore, make sure that the float switch has features that make it easy to install. Or else, you will be frustrated while installing and you may not even be able to do it.

The Build of the Float Switch

The float switch should be made of materials that do not rust and is resistant to corrosion. As it will be in contact with water or at least a lot of humidity, you have to make sure that it does not react to such conditions. Because just a bit of rust will make it go to waste. It can clog the whole switch and ruin the whole machine.

Apart from that, the various parts of the floats which should be sturdy as well. Most float switches have flimsy parts that just come apart and make the user suffer. So, make sure the one you are buying will not cause such trouble for you.

Best Sump Pump Float Switch: The Benefits

Why shall you buy a float switch separately? Here is why:

  • Better Performance: The float switches you buy separately will definitely be better than the ones that come with the sump pump unit. This is why a separate float switch will provide you with a better service.
  • Longer life of the sump pump: Most sump pumps fail because the float switch stopped working. While float switches can be repaired and replaced, they do so after causing havoc in the basement. So, a good quality float switch will save you from the trouble of dealing with a not working sump machine and a messy basement.
  • Lower Expense in the long run: With the float switch being of the highest quality and very functional- the sump pump will fail less causing less expenditure in the long run.

How To Check & Replace Your Sump Pump Float

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a float switch fail?

Answer: There are mainly two reasons why the float switch fails. The first is the use of extension cords which may lead to overheating in the sump pump. When the power source fluctuates in giving power, the float switch despite working cannot really turn the sump pump on. This in the long run also stops the floats witch from working.

Apart from that, a float switch may get clogged. The clog will prevent it from rising up from the base. As a result, it will not do what it is supposed to do.

What is the most reliable sump pump switch?

Electronic switches are the most reliable. A reliable sump pump float switch shouldn’t have any moving part. It should also not be affected by chemicals, minerals or saltwater. And it should fit small pits.

Checkout the HydroCheck Sump Pump Float Switch.

In conclusion

According to our research the Basement Watchdog BWC1 Basement Watchdog Dual Float Sump Pump Switch with Controller is the best sump pump float switch available right now. As you can see the dual float switch makes sure that the task is being done for as long as it works. Furthermore, this unit has a good cycle time and range too. All at an affordable price.

If this is not what you want, you know how to find the one you want now anyway.