Home is where we feel most comfortable and we want to keep it in the best possible condition, right? However, there are many different kinds of issues that rise up when we try to keep our home clean.

One such big trouble for houses with basements is the water accumulation. The groundwater often rises and makes the basement a dirty, smelly, moldy place. But, when there is a problem, there is always a solution. The solution, in this case, is a sump pump.

Now, let us get to know what sump pumps are, how you can choose one and the best sump pump available out there.

What Is A Sump Pump And Why Should I Get One

Sump Pumps are mechanical devices positioned deep in the sump pit to eliminate ground water and thus protect your house from flooded basement. Sump Pumps drain the unwanted water to a place away from the basement.

You should get a sump pump to –

  • Protect your basement and keep it dry
  • Save your building foundation and ensure it’s logevity
  • Uphold the law of the United States
  • Claim Insurance coverage from flood or water damage
  • Keep up the value of your precious home

Check out this article to know more in depth regarding sump pumps’ necessity.

Best Sump Pump Reviews

1. WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Sump Pump


If you are looking for high volume pumping at a good speed then this WAYNE CDU980E sump pump may just be what you are looking for. With its ¾ HP motor and 9-inch on the level, it pumps water quite fast.

You have to make sure that the place you install it in can take the speed and power of this pump- or you should get a lower power of it. Other than that, it has a cast iron and stainless-steel build which makes it very durable. However, it may rust with time.

It has a top suction design that prevents both air locks and clogging. The unit can be a bit noisy. It is submersible, you need to install it in a sump pit and has a vertical float switch. Both of these features work great.

Reasons to get
  • A very powerful submersible sump pump.
  • Easy to install.
  • It works very fast.
  • Prevents clogs.
  • Good value for the price.
Reasons to avoid
  • It can be noisy.
  • May rust.
  • May not be suitable for weak and small basements.


>>>WAYNE CDU980E Review<<<

2. Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump

Zoeller M53 Review


With a cast-iron build, these are the sump pumps you know will not corrode or rust with time. In fact, even if you live near the ocean, the salty water will do it no harm. It works at a horsepower of 1/3 and the power will really not disappoint you.

The submersible unit is quite easy to install in the sump pit. What you may not like is the automatic float switch. It just takes a bit of time doing what it does and you may find it a bit inefficient. Other than that, it would be best if you drill your own weep hole as the sump pump may get clogged.

As long as the speed and power satisfy you, the sump pump will be a great choice as it really is reliable and durable. The price is great too.

Reasons to get
  • Very easy to install.
  • Extremely reliable in case of quality and material.
  • If it is right for your basement, it will satisfy you.
  • Good power.
Reasons to avoid
  • The float switch is not the best.
  • May need a weep hole.


>>Zoeller M53 Review<<<

3. Basement Watchdog BW1050 Sump Pump



If you are looking for a replacement pump that is easy to install then look no further. Because the Basement Watchdog sump pump is easy to install a unit that will pro9vide you with a great service 24/7. In fact, it has quite a powerful motor.

With a power of ½ horsepower, this motor can run for long and whenever you need it to. It has dual float switches so you won’t be having trouble with the float switches very soon. With its cast-iron build, it may rust in a few years and this might not make you very happy.

Apart from that, it can be a bit noisy. However, this unit does not clog easily and has a small footprint.

Reasons to get
  • Very easy to install.
  • Takes up a small space.
  • It does not get clogged.
  • Quite powerful.
  • Good value for money.
Reasons to avoid
  • A bit noisy.
  • May rust.


4. Superior Pump 91250 Utility Pump – Best Value For Money

Superior Pump 91250 Reviews


There are so many expensive and cheap sump pumps available but if you in the lookout for getting the best value- this just might be it for you. The Superior pump 91250 is a sump pump that comes at a price so affordable that you cannot imagine it. Furthermore, it does quite a good job of delighting you.

It’s ¼ horsepower motor works well and is very fast at doing its job.  The power cord and garden hose adapter work very well too. Furthermore, this unit is easy to install and the durable plastic build keeps it quite protected. The float switches do not pose any trouble either.

However, as is common with cheaper units, the quality may not satisfy you. Sometimes the unit overheats and again at times, it does not give a consistent performance.

Reasons to get
  • It offers the best value for money.
  • Quite easy to install.
  • Powerful and fast.
  • Float switches work fine.
Reasons to avoid
  • May not give a consistent performance.
  • It overheats.


5. Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded Combination

Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded Combination Sump Pump And Battery Backup System


If you live in an area where power outages are common then this might be the best battery backup sump pump for you. In fact, it runs on electric power and also battery power. Also, the speed and power changes depending on the source.

The power of the battery source is definitely lower. Apart from that, the motor is very powerful with ½ HP. Also, the unit works quite fast. It comes pre-assembled, so it is very easy to install as well.

The problem you may face is with the build of the unit. At times it may not even start or stop working. Other than that, the design is not the most user-friendly either. But, the customer service is really helpful.

Reasons to get
  • Very good at providing battery backup.
  • Quite powerful.
  • Very fast.
  • No clogs or quality issues.
  • Easy to install.
Reasons to avoid
  • May not start or may stop working.
  • The design may not be very helpful.


>>>WAYNE WSS30VN Combination Sump Pump Review<<<

6. WaterAce WA50CPED Pedestal Pump

WaterAce WA50CPED Pedestal Pump


If you do not want the worry of rust then you are looking for pedestal sump pumps. Luckily, this WaterAce WA50CPED pump may be the best pedestal pump out there. It has a good power of ½ HP which keeps the motor working in a heavy-duty fashion.

While it is fast, it does not offer a lot of pressure. The unit is quite easy to install if it is right for where you want to install it. But you may have to adjust a few things.

It is a sump pump that is built to last and it offers you a great experience as well. Also, it is very quiet. The unit is very safe for use as it has the necessary certifications. Furthermore, it does not overheat easily despite being a pedestal pump.

Reasons to get
  • A heavy-duty pump.
  • It does not overheat.
  • Very quiet.
  • Quite powerful.
  • Quite fast.
  • Good value for the money.
Reasons to avoid
  • May need some adjustments when you install it.
  • I cannot handle a lot of pressure.


7. Liberty Pumps 257 Automatic Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump

Liberty 257 Sump Pump Review


Want a pump that can handle the basement watery conditions really well? Then, this cast-iron sump pump with its powder coating will probably be able to satisfy you. In fact, it is quite powerful with its 1/3 HP motor.

Furthermore, it has a magnetic float switch which usually works really well. But, yes, it may not work at times. Other than that, when times are really bad, the impeller may come loose.

However, when it comes to handling solids, this unit is a great choice. Furthermore, it is very fast at pumping the water too. In fact, it is more efficient than other such sump pumps. It does not get clogged easily.

You will find the unit very easy to install as well. As for the price, it falls within a reasonable range.

Reasons to get
  • Great at handling debris.
  • It does not get clogged.
  • Quite fast at pumping and powerful too.
  • Easy to install.
  • Reasonable price.
Reasons to avoid
  • The impeller and float may not be great consistently.


8. WAYNE CDU800 1/2 HP Submersible Sump Pump

WAYNE CDU800 Submersible Sump Pump


Just like Bruce Wayne does not disappoint you, this CDU800 ½ HP sump pump does not disappoint you either. Yes, it is powerful and also great at handling the water. It is very fast with its discharge diameter. Therefore, you will see the water getting pumped super-fast even when it is a hurricane challenging you.

Other than that, it is an easy unit to install as long as you do not unscrew any part. Furthermore, the unit has a durable build with both cast-iron and steel. It is built to last and will last.

The problem you will face is with the float switch. It does not always offer the best performance. But, the abrasion-resistant impeller is one you won’t forget because it is that great.

The unit is easy to use and does a great job coming at a reasonable price.

Reasons to get
  • Quite a powerful motor.
  • Durable build.
  • Quite fast at pumping water.
  • The attachments and adjustments are easy and efficient.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Great impeller.
  • Easy to install.
Reasons to avoid
  • Float switch may cause trouble.


>>>Wayne CDU800 Review<<<

9. Wayne VIP50 1/2 HP Thermoplastic Portable Electric Water Removal Pump

Wayne VIP50 Thermoplastic Portable Electric Water Removal Pump


At times you do not only need to remove water from the basement but other places too. You can find portable sump pumps for that and this Wayne VIP50 can be considered the best portable sump pump out there. What is necessary for portability?

Ease of installation and also detachment- both of which this unit offers. While it is not the most powerful, it does have a motor of power ½ HP. It is not the fastest either, but it has a discharge capacity that makes it work quite fast.

Other than that, the water needs to rise to quite a height for this unit to start working. This is what you may get slightly irritated with. But the performance is great. However, its capacity may be a bit lower than what it claims to be.

The unit is quite durable and will last because of its quality build.

Reasons to get
  • Very easy to install and also very portable.
  • It has a good and slightly powerful motor.
  • It handles a good volume of water and debris.
  • Well-built with quality materials that last.
  • Reasonable price.
Reasons to avoid
  • The water needs to rise to a certain height for the pump to work.
  • It is not with the highest capacity.


10. WAYNE CDU790 1/3 HP Submersible Sump Pump

WAYNE CDU790 1 3 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Steel Sump Pump With Integrated Vertical Float Switch


If you have been having very bad luck with float switches then it is time you got one that always satisfies its users. Apparently, the WAYNE CDU790 sump pump has a vertical float switch that never disappoints the user unlike most of the other float switches.

With this impediment out of the way let’s get to the other sides of the pump that does not disappoint. Apparently, it is quite powerful with its 1/3 HP motor. Furthermore, it is very fast and will be able to handle pressure quite well too. However, it needs the water to rise to a certain level which you may not like.

The unit also lasts quite some time as it has a great quality build that prevents clogs, rust, abrasion, everything. While the cord is a bit short, it is still very easy to install. The discharge capacity will also be alright.

Reasons to get
  • Afloat switch that never disappoints.
  • Good speed.
  • Powerful motor.
  • The build and design keep it durable.
  • Easy to install.
Reasons to avoid
  • The power cord may be a bit short.
  • The water needs to rise to a certain level for it to start.


11. Zoeller M63 Premium Series Sump Pump

Zoeller M63 Reviews
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If you are looking for a pump that will offer you the highest quality for sump pumps then this might be it. The Zoeller M63 is not cheap and i8t does not feel cheap either. In fact, it has such a great quality that the manufacturer confidently offers you five years of warranty with it.

Firstly, it has a powerful motor of 3/10 HP. The discharge pipe has a good capacity and is quite fast for its job. The unit is very easy to install as well.

What builds it is cast iron which also keeps it protected well. It is very quiet and also has an LED indicator in its body. However, make sure you check all its parts when you receive it as parts with plastic may have some flaws.

Reasons to get
  • Great quality build.
  • It will surely last for years if not decades.
  • Good capacity and speed.
  • Quite powerful.
  • Easy to install.
Reasons to avoid
  • Quite expensive.
  • It may arrive with defects.


>>>Zoeller M63 Review<<<

12. Zoeller 57-0001 M57 Basement High Capacity Sump Pump

Zoeller M57 Review
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If you want the sump pump to handle solids well then this Zoeller M57 may be the one you are looking for. It definitely handles the water even better. The unit is heavy duty with its 3/10 Hp motor. Furthermore, it is a durable one with cast-iron construction and stainless steel guards and handles.

It has an integral float switch which excels most of the time but has failed with time in a few cases. Also, despite the warranty, the motor and the whole unit at times did not live up to the durability expectations. The unit is very easy to install.

It does its job at a good speed as well and it is quite affordable too.

Reasons to get
  • It handles both water and solids well.
  • It does not clog.
  • The motor is powerful.
  • It is quite fast.
  • Good quality build.
  • Good value for the money.
Reasons to avoid
  • It may not last as long as you want it to.
  • The float switch may cause trouble.


Best Sump Pump: The Buying Guide

Here are a few things you have to know about a sump pump to choose the one most suitable for you.

The Type of Sump Pump you want

Sump pumps are pumps you install in the basement of your house to deal with the water that accumulates there. Apparently, it transports the accumulating water to the water wastage system. There are actually two kinds of sump pumps available offering different kinds of benefits.

Submersible Sump Pumps: It is what it sounds like. You install it in a way that it is submerged in the water that accumulates in the basement. Apparently, it is only possible for it to work because the motor stays in a waterproof case.

One great advantage of this type is that the unit lasts longer as it does not overheat. The surrounding water cools the motor down.

Pedestal Pumps: This is the exact opposite of submersible pumps. Apparently, it has only parts of its body in contact with the water. The rest of the part, especially the part containing the motor is kept away from the water. And, due to obvious reasons like overheating, you can consider it less durable than submersible ones. However, the well-built ones will last a long time.

Which pump is suitable for your house depends a lot on the type of basement you have. If you have a place where you can use the submersible sump pump then you can buy one. A lot depends on the ease of installation.

The Material building the sump pump

Since the sump pump will be dealing with a lot of water and water causes damage to materials, you need to choose it right. There are mainly three materials that can make a sump pump.

The first is Plastic. Well, this is high-quality plastic we are talking about- the one that does not melt or break. This is quite durable yet very cheap.

The second is Stainless Steel. This is what mostly makes the submersible sump pumps. It resists corrosion and also offers better heat distribution. Furthermore, it has a heavier nature which keeps it sturdy. If you want a sturdy, noise-free sump pump, this may be the one.

Lastly, the cast iron build is a good choice if you want to prevent overheating as it is great at dealing with heat.

The Power of the Sump Pump

It will be a motor making the pump useful so the motor has to be powerful enough for the work you expose it to. In fact, you will find the power in Horsepower. It is best to go for the ¾ HP ones if you have a huge basement with a loss of water accumulation. Otherwise, the ¼, ½ HP ones will do based on the amount of water and work you put it up for.

The Types of Switches

You do not go and turn on the sump pump every time you think water is accumulating. In fact, you do not even know when water is starting to cause trouble. It is the switch inside the pump that automatically gets the pump working when there is a water threat.

There are two types of float switches.

The Vertical Float Switch: This float switch is attached to a vertical rod within the sump pump. As the water level rises, the float switch rises with it. When it reaches a certain point, the sump pump starts working.

The Tethered Float Switch: This is a float switch you will usually find in submersible sump pumps. Apparently, it is attached to a cord and is usually kept within the waterproof case. When the water level rises to a certain level outside, the float goes up and the switch is turned on putting the sump pump to work.

The Power Source of the Sump Pump

With storms and snow comes power outages as well. In these cases, the electrically powered sump pumps become useless as they cannot work. If your area has good power services then you can rely on the electric sump pumps.

However, if you want backup then you can buy the battery-powered sump pumps. These ones usually work as backups and come into power when the electricity is out. Again, there are great quality ones who get charged and then work straight for hours.

So, based on where you reside and the condition of the power source in your area when the water rises up- you have to decide which source of power you want to use for your sump pump.

Corrosion resistance and other features

Now, sump pumps will be dealing with water and since it’s groundwater, you never know what minerals are in it. Therefore, not only should the material building the sump pump be corrosion resistant but the other parts like the hoses, pipes, etc. should be corrosion resistant as well.

Furthermore, it should have an in-built mechanism to prevent clogs. You also want the pump to work silently because nobody wants noise pollution in the house.

The Benefits of Having the Best Sump Pump

Why shall you get a sump pump? Here’s why.

  • Deal with unnecessary mess beforehand: Water in the basement can get quite messy and damaging. Before that ever happens, it is best to let the sump pump take care of it.
  • No molds or Mildew: With the hump pump preventing floods in the basement and keeping the humidity low- you do not have to worry about molds and mildew at all.
  • Prevents Electrical Fires: The water in the basement can touch the electrical lines and cause disasters. Sump Pumps by dealing with the water keep the house safe from such fires.

In conclusion

Among all the great sump pumps reviews, according to us, the best one is the Wayne CDU980. Because whatever it offers, it offers in its best form. It is not the most powerful but the power it offers is efficient.

Furthermore, the unit is affordable and the cons it comes with are quite preventable. If none of these are what you want then you can use your knowledge on how you can choose a sump pump to explore more options and choose one for yourself.