Have you ever experienced your basement pump shutting down during a power outage? Or worse, you were away from your house and came back only to find your basement flooded.

Now, what can you do to protect your home when you are away?

Plan A. Install a generator

Plan B. Pray to God for some miracle.

Do you know what smart people would do? They would stick with plan C and install a sump pump with a battery backup system.

Thankfully, Wayne has taken this problem seriously. Wayne WSS30V combination sump pump with a 12V battery backup system is their innovation to bring you the peace of mind, even in the hour of a power outage.

We’ve tried to give you a clear picture of this de-watering machine in this Wayne wss30v review. Here, you will get to know every feature, how it operates, what benefits it can offer, and the defects of the Wayne WSS30VN combination sump pump.

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Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded Combination Sump Pump And Battery Backup System

Introducing Wayne WSS30V Combination Sump Pump

A sump pump that works only on AC will be useless during a power outage. It means you lose the first-line defense system of your basement. And we all know the result.

This WSS30VN can be the ultimate solution to your problem.

It features a CDU800 1/2HP sump pump as the primary sump pump and an ESP25 12V pump as the backup system. Both of these independent pumps are connected to the package. It is assembled in the USA.

Here is some more information to look at:

Wayne WSS30VN Combination Sump Pump Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Wayne Pumps.
  • Product type: ½ HP AC sump pump with a battery-powered backup pump.
  • It comes with an 8-foot AC cord and a 6-foot battery cable.
  • Dimension: 22″x17″x15″.
  • Amp draw: 10 amps and NPT Discharge: 1.5 inches.
  • Construction material: Primary pump- cast iron, backup pump-thermoplastic.
  • It weighs about 35 pounds.
  • It requires a minimum of 15 inches of sump diameter.
  • It comes with a float switch. On-level: 9″ and off-level: 4″

What We Like About This Product

  • It comes pre-assembled and easy to install.
  • It comes in a nice, solid, and compact package.
  • The build quality is strong and it comes with a long warranty.
  • The package includes 2 diverter valves.
  • You can place the pump on the sump bottom without using bricks.

What We Don’t Like

  • The battery box could be better. It is a little small.
  • The float switch design needs improvement.

Who Is This Product For?

Wayne WSS30V goes beyond the duty of an ordinary sump pump. It protects your house even in the toughest situations.

Though we believe anyone can benefit from this pump, it is always smart to double-check.

Here is a list. If you can relate to any of these circumstances below, you do need this Wayne WSS30VN sump pump.

  • If your house experiences frequent power cut during a rainstorm.
  • You live at the bottom of the hill or any other low-lying area.
  • Your old sump pump is not sufficient to handle the water inflow.
  • You are a very sound sensitive person and don’t like the gurgling sound of the pump.
  • You are ready to pay extra for some premium service.

Problems You Might Face with Wayne WSS30VN

Most of the complaints are about dead batteries or a faulty switch or an ongoing alarm. You may face such issues too. That’s why it is wiser to learn how you can avoid them.

It Doesn’t Include A Battery!

The backup battery-powered pump doesn’t include a battery. It is your job to put one. If you choose not to buy a battery, then you will be stuck with an AC powered sump pump. It will leave your basement flooded when the power goes out.

You need a deep-cycle lead-acid battery of minimum 75AH. You have to check the batteries periodically. The battery charger is also fixed. You can’t charge it with a 105AH charger.

Take a note here, the control box can’t read 2 batteries nor can the charger charge 2 batteries.

You Can’t Mute The Alarm

This WSS30V sump pump has an alarm system. When the alarm gets wet due to an increase in the water level, it starts ringing. It indicates that the primary pump is not working effectively.

Unfortunately, this backup system doesn’t have a reset button. That’s why, the only way to not hear it, is by using earplugs.

To solve this problem, you can replace the alarm and set it dry. When the water level is back to normal, install it again. Or you can ask the help of professionals.

Wayne WSS30VN Review: Features And Benefits

We have reached the most awaited section of this Wayne wss30v review. We will now discuss the features and benefits in detail.

Here you go.

Thermally Protected Motor

When you read the description of Wayne’s WSS30V pump, you will find the term “thermally protected”. But what does it mean? And can it benefit you in any way?

To be true, all sump pumps suffer from overheating issues. When debris gets stuck in the impeller, the rotation stops. But the pump continues to run. As a result, heat rises.

A thermally protected motor has a sensor to sense a temperature rise. When it increases beyond a limit, the sensor sends a signal to halt the operation.

It saves your pump from permanent damages.

½ HP Primary Sump Pump

The primary pump or CDU800 has a powerful ½ HP motor. It can lift 35-40%more than its 1/3 HP counterparts. The flow rate is more than enough for an average household with a medium water level. It can pump 4200 GPH @ 0 head and 3150 GPH @ 10-foot head.

This efficient motor is oil-filled and fully sealed. It means the fasteners and other parts are lubricated all the time. Also, a sealed pump is much cleaner and easier to maintain.

12V Backup Sump Pump

The battery-powered backup pump is equivalent to an independent 1/3 HP pump. The flow rate is 3300 GPH @0 head and 2300 GPH @ 10-foot head.

This effective pump substitutes the CDU800 during a power cut. It also teams up with the other pump when the water level is too high. Now that’s what we call multi-tasking.

In this way, the partnership of these two, keep your basement bone dry.

Strong Build Quality

The CDU800 is made of cast iron. Cast iron is corrosion or rust-resistant and can handle thermal shocks better than other materials. Thermal shocks can cause expansion on the outer parts of the pump. Luckily, Cast iron doesn’t react to thermal shocks and stays in shape even at a very high temperature.

The working temperature of this pump is 33-120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ESP25 backup system is made of thermoplastic. It is tough and rustproof. The epoxy powdered coating is another layer of protection against moisture. Therefore, you get a solid pump that can survive demanding situations.

Additional  Features And Benefits

  • It comes with a LED indicator. You get to know whether it is running or not, the charging status, etc.
  • It has passed 1 million test cycles to reach your house. It is already plumbed in the factory and ready to drop in the sump pit. If you are a pro, you won’t need more than 40 minutes to plug it in.
  • It has an alarm feature. The alarm can sense water level rise when the water touches it. When you hear the alarm, it means the pump is not working efficiently and needs help. That’s when the backup system turns on.
  • It also comes with a Polyethylene battery case. It can fit any group27 size sealed Lead-acid battery. The case is corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, and easy to clean.

Wrapping Up

Wayne is offering you their highly reviewed CDU800 pump with the ESP25 backup system under $400. Let’s face it. You would have to pay more to buy those pumps individually.

It has boosted the confidence of customers. They feel relaxed knowing that their house won’t flood during rough weather.

Also, customers have praised Wayne to be responsive and sincere. Hopefully, you won’t get disappointed with your purchase either.

Thank you for keeping up with this Wayne wss30v review. We highly recommend it. It is in fact the best combination sump pump out there in the market.

Check out out reviews and comparison of the best Wayne Sump Pumps.

You surely deserve a good night’s sleep and a tension-free tour.


  • Your sump bottom should be a minimum of 15 inches. Make sure you know the diameter of the sump pit.
  • The battery would need replacement every 6 months or a year.
  • This unit doesn’t support 2 batteries in parallel.
  • The battery must be a deep cycle and 75AH.

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