Never heard of a sump pump? Well, you are lucky!!

But if your house experiences heavy rain and snow constantly, it is time to know about sump pumps (and buy one).

Homeowners use sump pumps to collect and move the water from the basement out of their house. It is a long term investment. That’s why you should prefer value over price.

But guess what! Our hero of this article (Barracuda 1/2 HP submersible sump pump) can provide reliable services under rough circumstances. And that too at an affordable price. Thanks to its engineering and durable materials.

In this Barracuda sump pump reviews, you will get to know all the features, benefits, and limitations of Barracuda 1/2 HP submersible sump pump.

Barracuda sump pump reviews

Introducing Barracuda 1/2 HP Submersible Sump Pump

This sump pump from Barracuda contains more power and features for such a price range. Cast iron waterproof construction, double O rings as an airtight lid, copper winding for energy efficiency, and 1/2 HP power, all of these scream reliability.

A sump pump’s main job is to keep the basement dry during heavy rain. But sometimes your estimation about the weather may fail. That’s why a pump with high power like this, is a lot safer.

Here is some information you should know. Check out:

Barracuda ½ HP Submersible Sump Pump Specifications:

  • Product Type: Submersible sump pump
  • Height: 15 inches, width: 7 inches and weighs about 22.75 pounds.
  • Construction material: Cast Iron
  • Impeller material:
  • Flow rate: 2880 gallon per hour
  • Includes: It comes with an instruction manual and warranty.
  • Amperage:9 and power source: AC
  • Switching: It comes with a vertical float switch.

Who Is This Product For?

We are not here to brag about this sump pump. We want you to buy it only if you have the needs. Because a sump pump can burn out quickly if not used from time to time.

Before we move ahead in our Barracuda Sump Pump reviews, here is the big question.

How do you know if you need this?

It’s simple. Spread a plastic sheet on the basement ground. Keep it here for two to three days. Then remove the plastic and check for moisture. If you find it wet, you have moisture issues. It also means you need a sump pump.

Don’t worry you are not the only one with such problems. Almost 60% of American homeowners have a wet basement issue.

Here is a list for people who should install this sump pump:

  • People who live in California, Louisiana, Florida, New Jersey, or South Carolina are more likely to encounter regular flooding. This high power sump pump can be a good friend of your basement.
  • If you have plans to sell the house in the future, a good sump pump can add extra value. It shows that you have maintained the house.
  • People who have stored organic furniture and valuable things in their basements. Otherwise, mold and mildew can damage them.
  • In case you are a patient of asthma and other breathing diseases, it is important to keep the basement dry with a sump pump.

Luckily this barracuda sump pump is great for medium to high water levels. It will collect water in a sump pit and push the water away from the home through a pipe.

Problems You Might Have

No product is perfect. There are some problems you may have to deal with. Check out:

  • The cast-iron construction is heavier than its plastic counterparts. Besides, submersible pumps tend to have a shorter lifespan due to rusting.
  • If the water table in your basement is not that high, this sump pump may not be much useful. It is important to calculate how much GPH rate and power you need. A 1/2 HP sump pump will quickly burn out when installed in place with a low water table. In simple words, a waste of your money.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper and find out what this Barracuda sump pump has to offer you.


  • It is the best 1/2 sump pump at a mid-range price.
  • The impeller is clog-resistant.
  • Being a submersible pump, it lasts longer and works quietly.
  • It is energy efficient and saves you a good chunk of money.
  • It can handle high water levels.
  • It requires less amp draw, meaning cooler operation.


  • If the weather is too extreme, it’s 1/2 HP power motor may not be sufficient.
  • Customers may face problems like float switch damage or failure.
  • Some customers complain about the price.

Barracuda Sump Pump Review: Key Features and Benefits

Submersible Pump

The main reason why many sump pumps fail is overheating. Since this barracuda sump pump is a submersible one, the heat gradually dissipates into the water, resulting in a cooler operation.

Forget about loud noises ruining your sleep. As the name suggests, the pump is submerged into the basin. It means it is quieter than its pedestal counterparts.

Rugged Cast-iron Construction

This barracuda Sump Pump is made of heavy-duty Cast-iron. Cast iron is always more durable and stronger than plastics. It is corrosion-resistant and can handle more wear and tear. Plus, it helps to transfer heat into the water. Thus, eliminates burning-out issues due to overheating.

Vertical Float Switch

We can’t imagine a sump pump without a switch. A switch is what triggers an event and sends signal to the pump.

This pump has a vertical float switch. It consists of center tubed magnet float and a reed. As the water level rises in the sump pit or basin, the switch starts to float. When it reaches a certain pre-determined height, the reed reacts. This reaction triggers the pump and it starts pumping water out.

When the water level lowers, the switch crosses that certain level, and the reed reacts again. And this time, this reaction triggers the pump to stop working.

Double O-ring Seals

What is the purpose of a pump, if the seal can’t prevent leakage? Your floor will get wet anyway. A leak of one drip per minute means one liter of water in 3 days.

O-rings can solve this problem. It is a simple round rubber piece. When the connection between two threads occurs, it becomes an airtight seal. O-ring seals are more durable as they are more resistant to air and water pressure.

1/2 HP Power

1/2 HP power means it can push more water away or the GPH is higher. For heavy rain and snowy weather, 1/2 HP is reasonable. More power also means it takes less time and energy to move the same amount of water as its 1/3 HP counterparts.

Now, it can’t get any better than this, right?

Wrong. It has some more amazing features described below.

Additional Features

Energy-efficient Copper Winding

Copper winding is more energy-saving than aluminum. The heat loss is low due to smooth electricity conducting. So, you can save on the electricity bill.

It is a great plus point for this sump pump.

Thermoplastic Impeller

An impeller is a part with blades that rotates and forces water to the pipe. A thermoplastic impeller is stronger than simple plastic ones. It lasts longer and can take the abuse of stones and leaves.

Carrying Handle

You also get a carrying handle for easy transportation. As a result, setting up, maintenance, repairing, and removing is easy.

Well, you may now understand why we are so in love with this sump pump.

Alternatives You May Consider

Check out our detailed guide on the best sump pumps to know more about the market leaders. If you are looking for something similar then here are a few options –

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Wrapping Up

We know it feels good to avoid your basement. But you can’t avoid it forever.

A damp room is an entrance for many diseases. And if your area suffers from heavy snow, you know how irritating it is to clean up after a flood. Barracuda 1/2 HP submersible sump pump is all set to keep your house moist-free.

You get an electricity-saving motor in a waterproof construction with airtight seals. What could you ask more from a sump pump at this price??  Definitely a great choice for any soggy area.

Hope you benefited from this Barracuda Sump Pump Reviews.

It’s time you treated your basement as an important part of the house.

Here Are Some Tips:

  • Make sure that the pipe throws water at least 10 to 15 feet away from your house. If the water again seeps into your walls, try to drain it somewhere else.
  • Like any other machine, it requires maintenance too. Pour a bucket of water into it periodically to prevent burning out.
  • Check the building codes before installation.

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