Most houses with a basement have a sump pump in them. The reason behind it is quite simple – to keep the basement dry when water attacks. However, this is not enough to protect your house from a mess.

There are many different kinds of problems that may occur. Firstly, the sump pump itself may fail and do nothing when the water level rises up. Secondly, a power outage may occur. Thirdly, the temperature and humidity may reach a harmful level which may require human intervention.

This is why you need an alarm that will make you aware that there is a problem. If you do not even know there is a problem at the very beginning, dealing with the aftermath can be quite a hard task. This is why people look for the best sump pump alarms so that they always know when something has gone wrong.

However, even choosing an alarm is not that easy. You have to consider a lot of features and also check out a lot of brands. But most people go towards the same few brands for legitimate reasons.

Let’s check out what you have to check out when choosing a sump pump alarm system and also the most famous sump pump alarms available.

Top 5 Best Sump Pump Alarms: The Reviews

1. Control Products FreezeAlarm Homesitter Temperature

Control Products FreezeAlarm Homesitter Temperature-Water-Power-Alarm HS-700 with voice message to up to 3 phone numbers

Want a sump pump alarm system to detect pretty much every kind of problem? Then, this Control Products FreezeAlarm Homesitter does the lot. In fact, it has a water sensor in it to detect leaks or when the sump pump is overflowing. And, it does not stop there.

It can also detect power outages and temperature fluctuations. One of the most amazing features this particular unit has is that it can call up to three phone numbers to alert them about the situation. While it does have a built-in alarm that makes a sound, the phone calls make the response more immediate.

Other than that, the alarm sound may not be very loud. It is a very easy unit to install. Furthermore, it is also built in a way that it will last. The quality of the build is great and resists rust and every trouble that comes with water.

A problem you may face with this unit is the connection with the phone lines. When testing, you may find that the unit does not really call. Again, this is not a common problem. You will need a landline for the unit to call. If no one is home then the phone calls may make no sense at all.

It is kind of reacts to fluctuations in the voltages. Overall, the unit is quite accurate at detecting risk. It is kind of expensive but it does offer good value for the price it comes at. Also, it is very convenient to use and program.

  • It detects various kinds of troubles.
  • The sensors work really well.
  • The unit is well built with material that lasts.
  • Very easy to set up and program.
  • Immediately alerts people with phone calls.
  • Quite expensive.
  • May have some trouble connecting to phones.
  • Not very loud.

2. Level Sense PRO- Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Alarm

Level Sense PRO- Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Alarm

Machines these days get the most value if they have something to do with Wifi connections. Luckily, this Level Sense PRO sump pump alarm can connect to the Wifi and offers you a number of special features. Firstly, let us get the basics out of the way.

Apparently, this alarm can detect everything. It can monitor the water level of the sump pump, it can detect the temperature fluctuations and also the power outages. In fact, it has sensors in for the float switches and more. So, this is a unit that helps to keep you alert about everything.

Now, this is not the easiest unit to install as you will have to go through a complex process to install it. But, once you get it installed, you will love the service you get. Yes, it connects to the internet and even alerts you if the internet connection is lost.

This unit can send you not only emails but text messages as well. Therefore, you won’t be able to stay in the dark is something ever goes wrong in the basement. Other than that, this unit comes with great customer service, if you face any kind of trouble, the customer service will be there to help you through it.

Sometimes the water level sensor is not very accurate. However, the overall unit is very well built with a clever design. It is a unit that really will last because of its quality build. It is a bit expensive but the higher price is due to the extra features it comes with.

  • It connects to the wifi.
  • It sends text messages and emails.
  • The unit detects all kinds of troubles.
  • Well-built and meant to last.
  • Battery operated and also uses rechargeable batteries.
  • The price is right for the features.
  • The sensor may not always be accurate.
  • Not very easy to install.

3. In/Outdoor High Water Alarm

Sump Pump Alarm with 10ft Float Switch for Indoor & Outdoor Use

When you are out looking for a sump pump alarm, you want the unit to be weatherproof. The reason is obvious- it has to deal with water and water can help it rust and go to ruin. This In/Outdoor High water alarm is a sump pump alarm that can save you from the worry of the outer conditions damaging this unit.

In fact, it has a build that will prevent all kinds of damage the weather may bring to the sump pump. Also, the unit is quite accurate and efficient at detecting the level of water and alerting you.

It apparently uses a very normal way to alert you- just make the sound. You may find that the sound is not loud enough. When it comes to installation, this unit is very easy to install. In fact, you can install it in any way you want. However, you may also want to use your own methods and devices to install the unit as the accessories this sump pump alarm comes with are not the best.

Apart from that, this unit is quite affordable. The reason is understandable- it does not come with a lot of flashy features. However, it does offer you a lot of value.

This simple alarm will satisfy you with its simple nature. Apart from that, it is quite a convenient unit to use.

  • It detects the water level quite well.
  • Quite straightforward and simple is used.
  • Very well-built and has great protection against the weather.
  • It is meant to last.
  • Easy to install.
  • Alerts in the traditional way.
  • Good value for the money.
  • It is not very loud.
  • The accessories for installation are not top-notch.

4. Haozee Smart WiFi Water Sensor

THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG Model BWC1 Universal Replacement Sump Pump Float Switch

If you are looking for a budget-friendly water alarm that will also provide you with quite a few extra features, then you are at the right place. This Haozee water alarm comes with features that you do not expect at its price. In fact, it detects water in two ways- through its dots or the probe that you have to place in the right place.

The unit is quite accurate at detecting the level. Furthermore, it is quite resistant to wear and weather conditions too. However, installing this unit may come as a challenge. It is not complex to install it but there are a few key points you will have to keep in mind.

For example, you will have to twist the cover to get access to the reset button. The instructions that come with this unit are horrible. Apart from that, everything is quite amazing about this unit. But, it only detects one kind of trouble.

Also, it operates using a battery. So, power outages won’t be a problem for it. It will send you alerts through the wifi too- Quite a user-friendly device.

  • It detects the water level well.
  • Very budget-friendly.
  • It comes with smart features.
  • Quite durable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Horrible instructions.

5. THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG Battery Operated Water Alarm

THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG Model BWD-HWA 110 dB Battery Operated Water Alarm

Do not want to go through a tough installation process? Then, this Basement Watchdog alarm should be the right one for you. Apparently, it requires almost nothing for it to be installed, you just have to place it somewhere where it can detect the water flow and the moisture.

Yes, it can detect two things- the water level and also the moisture so you can prevent two kinds of troubles. And, it is quite good at detecting both accurately as well. When it does detect trouble, it makes a loud sound to let you all know that trouble is near.

However, the problem with this unit is that it does not have the best user-interface. It does not have an on or off button or other smart features that make it convenient for you to use it. In fact, it does not connect to the internet either.

However, it is operated by battery and it also has a mechanism in it to save battery life. Apart from that, even though it is very affordable, it does have some quality and lasts a while when it works. This has to do with the brand name as the brand has been behind many successful basement products.

  • Extremely easy to install.
  • Detects both humidity and water level.
  • Very affordable.
  • Uses battery and there is a battery saver feature.
  • Usually lasts.
  • Quite accurate and is loud.
  • Not smart or user-friendly.

Best Sump Pump Alarm: The Buying Guide

There are a few things you need to check when you are out looking for a sump pump alarm system.

The Design of The Alarm

You will have to attach the sump pump alarm to your sump pump system. This is why it is important that you check out the overall design of the alarm. Do you just put it in the place where the sump pump comes in contact with the water? Or, do you just attach it somewhere else?

How exactly do you have to attach it to the sump pump? Consider all these along with the ease of installation. As it is a separate unit you are buying, you may have to detach it at some point and connect it to another sump pump along the way.

What the sump pump alarm detects

As you already know there are quite a number of problems that may occur when it comes to a sump pumps and the whole system. There may be just one problem that concerns you most. You have to identify this problem.

Are you worried that your basement will overflow as the sump pump will not be able to handle the flow of the water? Or, are you worried that the sump pump will not even start? Based on what concerns you most, you can choose what you want your sump pump alarm to detect.

There are sump pump alarms that detect a rise in the water level and notify you when the sump pump is not working. Again, there are alarms that check the temperature or humidity around it and notify when it crosses a limit. You will also find alarms that give signals when the power is not there anymore.

Therefore, it is one of the most crucial steps to determine what you want the alarm system to detect. Or else, the whole point of the alarm system will amount to nothing.

The power source of the alarm

You can choose a sump pump alarm that derives its power from the main source or the sump pump itself. Again, you can choose one that operates on a battery. There are advantages to both types.

But the battery one may prove to be more efficient. Because it will be able to work in case of power outages if that is your concern. Moreover, there are sump pump alarms coming with rechargeable batteries. This makes the maintenance cost lower.

On the other hand, the ones that are directly connected to the main source of power will also be more powerful and have a constant source of energy.

Some units operate with the help of the main power and have a backup battery unit which keeps it working when the power goes out.

The Sound of the Alarm

What is even the point of a sump pump alarm if it cannot even reach you? Therefore, when you are checking out the alarm, make sure you check the quality of its sound as well. Apparently, you want the sound to be loud enough to reach you when necessary.

Again, you do not want it to beep continuously or be too loud that it disturbs your peace. Apart from that, the most important factor is that the alarm should have a working sound system. The sound must respond to emergency cases.

Various Kinds of Notifications

It is not only the state of the sump pump that the alarm should communicate to you but it’s own as well. If the alarm is low on battery then it should notify you before it runs out of power. There are many other things the alarm can notify you about. You just have to decide what you find important and then find an alarm that gives you such notifications.

Extra features you may want

Technology keeps amazing us and it does so with sump pump alarms as well. In fact, you will find sump pump alarms that actually connect to the Internet and also have their own app. What is the benefit you get? Convenience!

You can stay up above the building and get a notification or update on how the sump pump and the alarm is doing. Based on that you can decide on the course of action you want to take. However, such extra features will definitely cost you more. So, only choose the features that will actually add value to you.

The Durability of the unit

As the alarm will be in contact with both water and humidity, you want it to resist rust and also corrosion. Therefore, make sure the materials building is capable of doing exactly that.

Best Sump Pump Alarm: The Benefits

Why would you buy an alarm? Here’s why:

1. Prevention before it’s too late:

You never know when the sump pump will stop working and create a mess in your basement. An alarm will help you deal with the mess even before it is there.

2. Various kinds of troubles:

It is not only the water level that alarms detect but various other things like humidity, temperature as well. So, you can protect yourself form a number of things.

3. Convenience:

With the smart features in many alarms now you can easily be wary of the situation in your basement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put an alarm on a sump pump?

Yes you definitely can put an alarm system on a sump pump. The alarm system basically works on the water level and check if the sump pump is working properly to reduce water level.

How much does a sump pump alarm cost?

It depends on the features the alarm system offers. You can get something very basic to the advanced one having wifi and sms/calling features. So, a sump pump alarm cost may range from $15 to $300.

What is the best sump pump alarm?

My personal favorite is the Level Sense PRO- Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Alarm. It has self recharging battery, real-time monitoring system, and can detect high water level, leak, humidity, low temperature & power loss.

In conclusion

While sump pump alarms may seem like an easy buy, they won’t last if you do not pay enough attention to their features. In fact, you won’t be satisfied if it does not have the right features. So, it is necessary for you to consider everything and check the reviews of the best in the market.