Everything that works, works better with something backing it up. It is a universal truth that when you get the right kind of support, you do better. So, why should sump pumps that do so much for us not get such kind of support?

Check valves are such things in sump pumps that not only prevent trouble but also makes the sump pump perform better. While many sump pumps come with check valves of their own, many do not. You can choose to either change the existing check valve because it is no good or you could install one on your own.

It is quite easy to install and has a lot of benefits too. For now, let us check out the best sump pump check valve available out there because it is quite a tough job to choose one among so many. Also, the buying guide will help you know what to look at if you want to make a memorable purchase.

Best Sump Pump Check Valves Reviews

1. Zoeller 30-0181 PVC Plastic Check Valve


Zoeller 30-0181 PVC Plastic Check Valve


If you want a check valve that will easily adapt to what your sump pump requires then this Zoeller 30-0181 may be the one for you. In fact, it 1-1/2 slip X Slip unions. So, there you go, you have your numbers.

Other than that, what makes it so great is the fact that the flapper in it bends over a radius to deal with sharp corners in the build. You will find this unit quite easy to install. Apart from that, they can deal with a pressure of 4.3 PSI.

You can also choose to install the unit vertically or horizontally- very versatile when it comes to installation! The unit is well built with PVC in the build which keeps it safe from corrosion and other troubles related to humidity. One problem you will face with this unit is the noise- the unit is very noisy.

But, it works really well and offers great value for the price.

  • Quite easy to install.
  • Versatile design.
  • Handles pressure well.
  • Very reliable and well-built.
  • Good value for the price.
  • It can be very noisy.


2. Campbell Check Valve Quiet CLR1.5 by Brady MfrPartNo 0823-15C

Campbell Check Valve Quiet CLR1.5 by Brady


If you are looking for a check valve that will not break your bank then this might be the one. The Campbell CLR1.5 is a check valve that is affordable and does exactly what it says it will. You will find the unit easy to install and you will find that it can handle the pressure that it says it will.

In fact, this unit can handle a pressure of 150 PSI and the pressure at which it breaks is 300 PSI. Apart from that, the unit has a size of 1-1/2 inches and uses a slip X slip installation system. The problem that may occur with this unit is that it may get stuck.

Other than that, the most concerning issues about this unit is the longevity. In fact, it is built of PVC which prevents corrosion but it is not the strongest. The unit does great until it suddenly stops working- it does not last very long. However, for the price, it comes at, the little while it lasts is enough to satisfy most people.

  • An affordable check valve.
  • It has a good capacity for dealing with water.
  • It does exactly what it says.
  • Fits the compatible sump pumps easily.
  • It requires no maintenance.
  • Very quiet.
  • It may not last very long.
  • May get stuck.


3. Superior Pump 99555 Universal Check Valve

Superior Pump 99555 Universal Check Valve


Want a high-quality check valve that will not break any time soon? Then, this Superior Pump 99555 check valve may be the one you want in your sump pump. Because it has a durable ABS plastic build that will stay in your sump pump and do its job well for quite some time.

As happens with high-quality products, you may find that the unit is a bit bulky. Other than that, this check valve has a universal fit and fits most sump pumps. It can fit 1-1/4 inch and also 1-1/2-inch threads. Therefore, you do not have much worry about installation and fit because it is easy to install as well.

Apart from that, it can handle pressures of up to 11 PSI. Yes, it isn’t much but it is perfect if that is all you need. When it comes to price, it is very affordable for what it does and the quality it comes at.

  • Very easy to install.
  • Fits almost all sump pumps.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Very well-built with the strongest materials out there.
  • It does what it says it will do well.
  • A bit bulky.


4. AY McDonald 4424-100 2069C 1 1/2 Clear Silent Check Valve

AY McDonald Clear Silent Check Valve


Want a valve that provides you with a great view of itself? Then, this AY Mcdonald 4424-100 2069 clear check valve may be something you need in your life. Apparently, it is one easy unit to install.

It can fit 1-1/2-inch pipes. Plastic makes almost all of it and as a result, it is quite durable when it comes to the prevention of rust and corrosion. However, it does not last the longest either.

It has a good capacity to handle the pressure. While it’s quiet at first, it may get a bit noisy with time. Other than that, installation is easy but the flapper is not very flexible. It has stainless steel clamps for better installation.

Other than all that, it will provide you with a leak-proof performance.

  • A great looking valve.
  • Easy to install.
  • Good at handling pressure.
  • The build makes it resistant to water-related troubles.
  • A leak-proof performance.
  • It can get noisy with time.
  • It does not last very long.


5. Wayne Pumps 66005-Wyn Check Valve

Wayne Pumps 66005-Wyn Check Valve


If you are looking for a check valve that is easy to install then here is another one. This versatile piece can work with 1-1/2 inch and 1-1/4-inch threads. Furthermore, it has a very simple installation process overall.

The unit does not make a lot of noise. Furthermore, it can handle pressure quite well. It is well built with PVC and that prevents it from humidity related trouble. Also, it usually fits all kinds of a sump pump.

While the unit works well with a sump pump, it may need extra parts when you are installing it. It is quite a durable unit and the build quality does justice to its price.

  • It is quite easy to install.
  • Fits almost all sump pumps.
  • Quite a durable unit.
  • Good value.
  • Quite operations.
  • It may need extra parts when it is being installed.


6. Zoeller 30-0041 50 psi PVC 2-Port Check Valve

Zoeller 30-0041 50 psi PVC 2-Port Check Valve


If you are looking for a check valve that actually stays quiet then you have it! This Zoeller valve promises to be quiet and is very silent. Furthermore, you can trust the Zoeller quality to last.

It fits 1-1/2 inch threads and can handle pressures up to 50 PSI. As long as you follow these rules, the unit is here to stay. You can install it very easily.

However, with time it may get a bit cloudy. Apart from that, it comes at a reasonable price.

  • Very quiet.
  • Great quality build.
  • Standard fit.
  • Easy installation.
  • Reasonable price.
  • It may get a bit cloudy.


Best Sump Pump Check Valve: The Buying Guide

Here are a number of factors that you need to consider if you do not want to regret buying the check valve.

Compatibility with the type of sump pump

There are many different types of sump pumps available out there and you may be using one among them. Now, these different kinds have different designs and not all of them will be able to handle all check valves. In fact, the type of check valve you buy may not even find a place in the sump pump you have in your basement.

This is why the first thing you should do is see if you can actually put the check valve in the sump pump you have.

The Size of the Sump Pump Check Valve

It is not only the type of sump pump that your check valve has to be compatible with. In fact, it has to be of the right size as well. It should fit right in the discharge pipe or wherever you plan to put it in.

So, here you have to consider the diameter of the discharge pipe along with the size of the check valve. Apart from that, just fitting the check valve is not quite enough. You have to make sure that the check valve stays where it should be.

It should neither be too loose nor too tight. Both of these situations can cause damage to your entire sump pump. So, check the size of all the components well and check out the installation process too.

The Frequency of use

Some basements require frequent pumping of water because they are in flood-prone areas, others only need so occasionally. Now, both kinds of basements need a sump pump with a check valve. But, you will have different priorities for each.

If the sump pump has to work very frequently, you have to put extra attention to the materials building it. In fact, you want the check valve to be extra strong and also corrosion-resistant.

On the other hand, if you do not use the sump pump so frequently then you can focus on other features too. However, in both cases, you will have to consider the build quality as no one wants the check valve to stop working too soon. And, a low-quality check valve with the wrong materials in the build will cause you more trouble than you expect.

Mainly, stainless steel, plastic, etc. are used to make a check valve. While plastic is not the strongest- it can prevent corrosion and rust very well.

The Speed of the water flow

Different sump pumps work at different speeds. If the check valve you choose cannot handle the speed of the water flow within the pipe then you can expect there to be disasters in your basement. In fact, the parts or the check valve itself will give in to the water flow and may get stuck somewhere within the sump pump making the whole system go to waste.

Therefore, check the speed of the water flow and make sure that the check valve has the capacity to handle it. This is one of the most important considerations when it comes to check valves.

Noise Level

It is not only the sump pump that can cause noise but the check valves within it can too. If you do not want any unnecessary noise when the sump pump is at work in the basement, you have to check if the check valve is quiet as well. Because check valves are in contact with water, more directly. And, they can get quite noisy.

So, you want noise reduction features in the check valve.

Best Sump Pump Check Valve: The Benefits

There are quite a number of benefits that check valves offer. And, that is the reason why you should have one in your sump pump.

  • Prevents Back Flow: A sump pump needs to raise water to a certain height to get rid of it. But, gravity at work will always pull the water down., In this case, a check valve prevents the water from flowing down and causing disasters.
  • Supports the Sump Pump: A sump pump can work without a check valve but it will have to use extra power to do so. As a result, it will lose its durability in the long run. With a check valve supporting it, the sump pump works better with less pressure on itself which ultimately increases its lifetime.
  • Reduced Vibrations: Check valves not only prevent trouble but they also reduce vibration, noise, and regulate pressure to some extent. These little things do a lot more than what its size say about it.

How To Add Check Valve To your sump pump

In conclusion

According to us, the best among the ones we reviewed is the Zoeller 30-0181 PVC Plastic Check Valve. The reason is quite simple- it is durable, functional, has good capacity, offers great value for money. The only con it may have is noise, which does not even happen all the time.

Now, it is time for you to judge and take your pick.