Everbilt Sump Pump ReviewsAre you looking for a decent sump pump within an affordable price range? Then, you have come to the right place.

Here, we will analyze two Everbilt sump pumps that come within a very affordable price range. But the best thing is, you don’t have to compromise with any useful or important feature.

You don’t want anything less than the best when it comes to the protection of your house. But the top-notch quality with a highly reputed brand name can cost you more than you intend to spend. For people, whose main consideration is the price tag can surely rely on everbilt sump pumps for better performance.

In our everbilt sump pump reviews, we will discuss every feature and advantage of the SP03302VD and PSSP07501VD sump pumps through 2 separate review sections. We will simplify the difficult technical stuff for your better understanding.

So without wasting any more time, let’s dive in.

Everbilt Sump Pump Review: 2 Models

A sump pump is designed to move accumulated water in the sump basin out of the house through a discharge pipe. It helps your basement to remain bone-dry always. It is even more essential if any of your family members suffer from respiratory diseases that can be triggered by the moisture in the air.

But the budget can become an obstacle while buying a quality pump. That’s why unlike other reputed brands Everbilt decided to offer average box store prices for their efficient and easy to use pumps. Though you can’t compare them with top-notch Zoeller or Wayne pumps, they are more decent and reliable than cheap box store sump pumps.

As for the comparison between the SP03302VD and the PSSP07501VD pumps, let’s start with the basic differences.

Going through this comparison table will guide you towards making a better choice for your house.


Everbilt sump pump/

Product specs

¾ HP or the PSSP07501VD sump pump 1/3 HP or the SP03302VD sump pump
i. Power of the motor.

ii. Construction material


i. ¾ HP

ii. Heavy-duty cast iron.


i. 1/3 HP

ii. Stainless-steel for pump housing and cast-iron for the volute.

iii. Discharge rate or flow rate. iii. 5150 GPH at 0′ head, 4320 GPH at 10’head, and 3660 GPH at 15’head. iii.  4000 GPH at 0′ head, 3300 GPH at 10′ head, and 2800 GPH at 15′ head.
iv. Switch type and on-off level. iv. Vertical reed switch with 8.1 inches as on-point and 4 inches as off-point. iv. Vertical reed switch with 6.93 inches as on-point and 2.76 inches as off-point.
v. Maximum and minimum working temperature. v. 77 degrees Fahrenheit and 35 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. v. 95 degrees Fahrenheit and 35 degrees Fahrenheit respectively.
vi. Dimension and size vi. 11.5×8.75×7 inches and weighs about 25.4 pounds. vi. 11.8×8.74×7.24 inches and weighs about 17.7 pounds.

Everbilt ¾ HP PSSP07501VD Professional Sump Pump Review

Everbilt ¾ HP PSSP07501VD Professional Sump Pump Review
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Now that we have seen all the specifications, it is time for a more detailed and focused discussion.

In this section of our everbilt sump pump reviews, you will get to know all the advantages you can get by choosing the PSSP07501VD sump pump as your basement guard.

The PSSP07501VD features an efficient ¾ HP motor. It is the most powerful motor among all of the everbilt pumps. You can expect more reliable and long-lasting performance from this dewatering machine. It can solve rough water emergencies easily.

The pump also features a very useful vertical reed switch that is protected by an aluminum shell.  One unique benefit of the reed switch is high-speed switching without any mechanical wear. As a result, the switch is less likely to fail.

Moreover, the motor is oil-filled. That means the inner parts of the machine are lubricated 24×7. With such a benefit, you don’t need to open the pump for lubrication frequently. If a specific part of the pump gets hot, the oil transfers the heat throughout the whole pump. Thus you can get rid of all the red or hot spots.

Besides, it provides unique features like rugged construction, small sump diameter, thermal protection, and so on.


  • Manufacturer: Everbilt. Model number: PSSP07501VD. Product type: submersible and self-priming sump pump.
  • Impeller: top suction designed impeller.
  • The length of the cord is 10 feet and voltage: 115 V.


  • The everbilt ¾ HP sump pump is made of rugged cast-iron material that contains non-corrosive properties.
  • It is super affordable.
  • Cast-iron housing also protects the pump from thermal shocks and the pump remains cooler for a long time.
  • The pump motor includes some sensors that can detect or calculate the rise in temperature precisely.
  • The reed switch is innovative and less prone to failure than a regular float switch.
  • ¾ HP powerful pump motor can move 5150 GPH at 0 foot which is decent for an average household.
  • The best advantage will be its ability to fit inside a 10-inches sump pit diameter.


No product is free from defects. Since Everbilt is offering you this pump within such a cheap price, you have to accept some faults too.

  • Many customers have complained about the everbilt phone service.
  • Though the pump comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, you must be prepared to repair it during this period.

Everbilt 1/3 HP Submersible Sump Pump Review

Everbilt SP03302VD sump pump review
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The everbilt 1/3 HP sump pump is designed for a house with a low water level. It is compact, reliable, and affordable. Pretty much every feature is engineered to bring you comfort.

Unlike the previous one, the everbilt 1/3 HP sump pump is not entirely made of cast-iron. In fact, it uses stainless-steel for the pump housing and rugged cast-iron for the volute. This unique construction method protects the pump from corrosion and abrasion.

Moreover, the lubricated ball-bearings make sure that the friction between parts is reduced during operation. As a result, your pump will stay fit for a longer time. That’s why we only find ball-bearings in the pumps of premium quality.

The thermoplastic top suction impeller is designed to run smoother. It can handle debris and small stones pretty well without affecting the operation.


  • Manufacturer: Everbilt. Model number: SP03302VD. Product type: submersible and self-priming.
  • Impeller: top-suction designed to avoid clogging.
  • The length of the cord is 10 feet and voltage: 115 V.
  • Maximum pumping height is 25 feet.

Down below we have mentioned all the benefits of the SP03302VD sump pump. Have a look.


  • Due to the non-corrosive and heat resistance properties of stainless steel, the pump can handle hot water without showing any deformation.
  • The pump is easier to clean and aesthetic to look at.
  • The tethered float switch is also a very useful feature.
  • The everbilt 1/3 HP sump pump features ball bearings and lubricated shaft rotor.
  • For a pump with 0.33 HP power, the flow rate of 4000 GPH at 0’ head is pretty impressive.
  • Quieter performance is one of its famous advantages.
  • It saves your space due to being lightweight and makes the maintenance easy.


  • It is less reliable and long-lasting than sump pumps with the same motor power from other reputed brands.
  • 1/3 HP motor can’t serve you during heavy water inflow into the sump basin.

Final Verdict

It must be easier for you to make a good decision after going through this whole article. But in case, you are still confused, here is our final verdict.

Keep in mind that there is no absolute law. The selection process depends entirely on your personal preference and needs.

If your first priority is not the budget but the premium quality, then everbilt pumps are not for you. You will get both the models within box-store prices. But, don’t expect them to run for decades.

Now, if you have a smaller crawl space with low water inflow into the sump pit, you should opt for the everbilt 1/3 HP sump pump. The flow rate is also decent for a 1/3 HP pump. It can move 4000 GPH at 0′ head and 3300 GPH at 10′ head. It basically has all the features of a PSSP07501VD model with a small motor.

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