Today we will discuss and compare two of their most famous backup systems in this pump sentry review: the 822 PS and the 1622 PS.

Have you ever experienced a power outage when your sump pit is full of water? Then you know the horrific aftermath of such incidents.

An AC powered sump pump can do nothing but watch your basement get flooded during a power cut. That’s why it is essential to have a backup battery system for emergency power.

Thankfully SEC America has addressed this issue and introduced a lot of pump sentry backup systems. A regular battery backup sump pump is no match to this amazing machine. Backup sump pumps have high chances of failure during tough situations. And everybody knows what happens then.

But the pump sentry backup system is different. It interfaces between a pump and its AC wall outlet. It switches the power source for the pump according to the situation. Also, it has digital features to inform us of whatever we want to know.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive in.

pump sentry review

Pump Sentry Review: pump sentry 822 vs 1622

Losing power is common during a heavy rainstorm. But that’s the time your house needs the sump pump the most. Nothing can be worse if you have to encounter a flood even after installing a top-notch sump pump. That’s why the backup battery system comes in handy.

SEC America has brought you the 822 PS and 1622 PS. These two advanced and reliable pump sentries are all set to let you sleep peacefully at night. Now the question is, which one is better for you?

We know it is tiring to surf the internet to find the right backup system for your sump pump. That’s why in this pump sentry review, we have analyzed these two most exclusive pumps in 2 separate review section. All you have to do is read it carefully.

But before we jump into the separate review section, let’s begin with a basic comparison between the 822 PS and the 1622 PS. Have a look.

Model/Specifications Pump Sentry:822 PS Pump Sentry:1622 PS
Part number 822PS 1622PS
Dimension and weight 23.7×13.6×5.6 inches. It weighs about 17.86 pounds. 27.5×13.5×5.7inches. It weighs about 20.4 pounds.
Horsepower and capacity 0.33 HP and 1200 watt capacity for battery backup. 0.5 HP and 1600 watt capacity for battery backup.
Life expectancy 8 to10 years 10+ years.


Pump Sentry 822 PS Review

The SEC America 822 PS is made of heavy-duty rugged aluminum. Most of us don’t know that aluminum is actually as tough as steel. Plus, it contains non-corrosive properties that can guard against rust. Aluminum provides strength and capability to survive in the harshest conditions.

You can expect the 822 PS to last for 8 to 10 years without trouble. Besides, it needs only 10 minutes to install it. The things you will need for installation are pliers and a flat screwdriver. It also comes with an indicator that tells you when you should replace the battery. Thus, you can simply avoid a lot of fatal accidents. Interesting, isn’t it?

A 12 volt, deep cycle marine battery with 90 amp hours plus will work great for this pump sentry. Keep in mind that it can work with two batteries. But you are not recommended to go for more than two.

This exclusive pump sentry guards your house during a power outage. It has sensors to detect power cut immediately. Then it switches the power source of the pump from the AC outlet to the DC inverter. The battery lasts long enough to keep you and your family safe. When utility power returns, it switches the pump back to the AC outlet. In this time, it charges itself fully and gets ready for future action.

Regular DC inverters during power outages would still continue on running the cooling fan even if there is no load to draw. Luckily, SEC America has improved the condition by cooling the transformer. Thus, it preserves the stored power when it is actually needed.

Pump Sentry 822 PS


  • The 822 PS pump sentry can automatically transfer power.
  • The operation remains clean and quiet for your peaceful sleep.
  • It is super easy to install.
  • It offers you a 1200 Watt battery backup system and 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The construction material is tough and durable.
  • It is powerful enough to handle most of the sump pumps.
  • The 822 PS pump sentry is quite heavy due to using good quality rugged aluminum.
  • Also, it is a bit expensive for those who have tight-budget.


Take a note here: After you just plug in the sentry, the indicator will show ‘high-charge’. After the battery gets depleted over time, it should switch over to “charged” within hours.

Pump Sentry 1622 PS Review

For people who don’t want to do any compromise with the safety of their house, SEC America has designed this 1622 PS. When it comes to the backup system during a power outage, nothing can beat this product.

The construction is meant to pass the test of time successfully. Aluminum pump housing adds to its durability and toughness. It can fight against moisture without showing any sign of rust or corrosion. No doubt the manufacturer offers such a generous warranty. It shows their confidence in the product.

The package includes necessary battery cables. It doesn’t require too much space and can be mounted on any surface. Most of the time battery backup sump pumps take too much space in the sump basin. As a result, the AC pump doesn’t get much space to operate properly. Luckily, with this 1622 PS, you can spare the whole pit to your sump pump. Now that’s what we call efficiency, right?

It also features some other cool features like low charge audible alarm and battery replace indicator. Since there is no moving part inside the chambers of this sentry, you will hear no noise or vibration at all.

You can use any 12-volt maintenance-free marine battery with 200 amps. Depending on the battery size, one single battery is supposed to ensure continuous power to your pump for 5 to 70+ hours. With multiple batteries set up, you can hope for 50 to 118+ hours of protection. 1200 watt battery backup system can team up with any 1/2HP or powerful pumps.

Moreover, the SEC America phone service is known to be very helpful and friendly. Many customers praised the company’s effort for answering questions tirelessly.

A little beast like that will surely cost you a bit more. Except for the price tag, we don’t think anything else about this pump sentry would make you unhappy.

Pump Sentry 1622


  • You can easily mount this 1622 PS on a wall or simply have it laid out on a flat surface.
  • The design is compact and convenient for users.
  • It can work perfectly with the ½ HP pumps during rough conditions.
  • A power outage can be detected immediately.
  • Also, it will recharge itself after the power source moves to the AC outlet.
  • All the parts are imported from the USA.
  • The package doesn’t involve batteries though the price is quite high.
  • The low charge alarm could be louder.


Take note here: the warranty promises to cover damage within 2 years. But it doesn’t include damages caused by mistakes during installation. Try to follow the instruction manual carefully. You will be fine.

Final Verdict

Now that you have gone through our pump sentry review, the selection process will be easy for you. If you are still confused between the 822 PS and the 1622 PS, here is our final verdict. Remember that, there is no absolute law for this. Your needs and budget will lead you towards the ultimate decision.

If you want increased ability to handle any spikes and surges during heavy rainstorms, you should opt for the 1622 PS. It is mostly suitable for 1/2HP sump pumps. That means it is the best pick for houses that encounter medium water levels and frequent water emergencies.

It has 1800 watt capacity and the rugged pump housing only adds to its longevity. That’s why, if budget is not your main concern, this one is our top pick for you.

The 1622 PS will serve best the people for whom premium service comes first. The performance is totally worth the extra money. But in case you don’t want to spend too much, you should rather opt for the 822 PS.

The 822 PS has a capacity of 1200 watt and can handle smaller power sump pumps. The build quality, features, and benefits are same as the previous one except for the price and size. So, if you find the 1622 PS a little too much for your little sump pump, this one can be a great bet.

However, if you own a rigid sump pump with more than 10-amps, it is wise to choose the 1622 PS due to its enhanced ability.

Hope you benefited from this SEC America pump sentry review.

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