GOULDS submersible sump pump review
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Need a sump pump to save your basement from flooding? Well, you are in the right place.

Choosing the right sump pump for your house can be confusing. There are so many types of pumps available in the market nowadays. And you don’t want to compromise with the protection of your home.

That’s why we always advise first-time buyers to stick with the most reliable brand. It is hard to go wrong with a brand that has managed to please most of its customers.

GOULDS is a pump manufacturer you can trust. It is an American company aiming to bring a solution for the earth’s most complicated asset: water. Among all of their effective pumps ranging from 1/3 to 1 HP, this LSP0311AT model can be the perfect solution for you.

This GOULDS sump pump reviews have every essential information you should know before buying it. You will get to know the features and its benefits, how it solves your problems, and what issues you may have to face, etc.

Keep reading. Who knows! You might say this is the ONE!

Introducing GOULDS LSP0311AT 1/3HP Submersible Sump Pump

GOULDS has helped thousands of homeowners to protect their basements from flooding. No matter what type of water level your basement deals with, GOULDS has got your back. And that’s not just a claim. You can check the GOULDS sump pump reviews on amazon and hear it from the real buyers.

GOULDS LSP0311AT is a popular model from the series LSP03. This is a compact, lightweight, and efficient pump for an average household. It also has some convenient features to win your heart.

Here is some important information you should check out:

GOULDS Submersible Sump Pump Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: GOULDS Water Technology.
  • Model: LSP0311AT.
  • Construction material: stainless steel.
  • Dimension: 6.12×6.12×9.75 inches and weighs about: 10.5 pounds.
  • Motor: 1/3 HP air-filled.
  • Voltage: 115V. Cord length: 10ft.
  • Flow rate: 36 GPM.
  • Switch: piggyback wide angle. Minimum On level: 11″ and Off level: 5″.
  • Minimum basin diameter requirements: 12″ and NPT discharge: 1-1’2″.
  • Amps draw 2.9 amps. Permanent split capacitor.
  • Maximum working temperature: 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Maximum head: 34 feet. It is assembled in the USA.

What We Liked About GOULDS Sump Pump

  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • The 1/3HP motor is efficient and sufficient for most water problems.
  • It is corrosion-proof or rust-proof.
  • The 36 GPM flow rate is more than enough.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • It is backed by a long manufacturer’s warranty.

What We didn’t Like

  • A 1/3HP motor is not sufficient for a tough water situation. It can only serve the average water level.
  • Stainless steel construction shows wear and tear (when exposed to acidic liquid) faster than its cast-iron counterparts.

Who Is This Product For?

GOULDS LSP0311AT submersible pump ensures a quiet and powerful operation. But it is made for a certain group of customers with specific needs. If your need is more than 1/3HP, this pump won’t make you happy.

However, here is a list. If you can relate to any of these following circumstances, this pump will be a great pick.

  • You want an effective sump pump for basement draining or water transfer.
  • You live in a low–lying area that faces average rain most of the time.
  • You need a higher flow rate than average pumps.
  • Your requirement for vertical lift is over 7-10″.
  • Your previous pump was 1/3 HP.
  • You want to add value to the house to attract clients.

Moreover, if you want a top-notch pump from a reliable brand, this LSP0311AT from GOULDS is the one.

Problems You Might Face

No product is immune to defects. It is a fact.

Check out the issues you may have to face and the correct way to deal with them.

It Is Ineffective During Tough Water Situations

No matter how amazing the features are, it is still a 1/3HP pump. This is the lowest power for a sump pump available in the market. If you live in South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey where it rains most of the time, this pump may lack efficiency.

To solve this issue, measure the water level of your basement carefully. You will find the graph of the flow rate of this pump on GOULD’s website. Also, keep in mind the minimum diameter for the basin.

It Will Stop Working During A Power Outage

Now, it is not uncommon to lose electricity during heavy rain. But the thing is, this AC-powered pump will stop working as soon as it detects power outage. It means you lose the only protection you have to save your basement.

You can solve this issue. Buy a battery-powered backup system. Most of them can last long enough to survive a power cut during the emergency.

GOULDS sump pump reviews: Features And Benefits

You have reached the highlighted part of our GOULDS submersible sump pump reviews. Here we go.

Thermally Protected Motor

Most of the pump fails due to excessive heating. Something can lock the motor shafts and prevent the impeller from rotating, or the motor may not start properly. All of these situations lead to overheating.

A thermally protected motor comes with heat-sensors and an external control device. The sensors halt the pumping operation if it detects overheating. Then you can push the reset button after it cools down.

This system saves your pump from damaging permanently. Keep in mind that, if your motor frequently shuts down due to overheating, it may indicate its expiration.

1/3HP air-filled pump

This is a hermetically sealed submersible pump with a 1/3HP motor. It stays inside the basin and directs groundwater out of the house. This pump is more efficient than its pedestal counterparts. It requires less energy to move water since it practically stays in the water 24×7. Thus it saves your basement and electricity bill.

The power of the pump is also sufficient for any house with a medium water level.

Now, an air-filled pump means the cavity of the motor is filled with air. It is a great way to keep the design compact and lightweight. Oil-filled or water-filled motors are bigger and heavyweight.

And not just that, this pump is easy to maintain and ensures a long lifespan.

Piggyback Wide Angle Switch

This pump comes with a piggyback wide angle switch for double protection. In case the switch fails, you can still turn it on manually.

It features 2 plugs. One is for the pump and the other one is for the switch. Thus, if the switch fails, you can replace the switch without replacing the whole pump. Also, if the switch doesn’t trigger, you can manually start the pump.

Besides, you can test the pump just by plugging it directly to the main power source. It’s as simple as that.

Stainless Steel Housing

Stainless steel is low carbon steel containing 10% chromium. GOULDS has used hard coated 400 series stainless steel as housing for the pump. It is resistant to corrosion and high temperature. The maximum working temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

As some added benefit, it gives an aesthetic touch to the pump and is very easy to clean.

Glass-Filled Thermoplastic Impeller

Its thermoplastic impellers can handle solids of 3/8″ spherical easily. It has less thermal conductivity. That’s why it stays in shape even in higher temperatures. The impeller can resist corrosion and rust better than the metal ones.

Besides, this impeller uses centrifugal force to move the fluid without being in direct contact with it. This system enables the pump to deal with debris and other solids easily.

Additional Features

Down below we have described some other cool features of this pump. Have a look.

  • It features a labyrinth double lip seal system to protect the bearings. It keeps the lubricant inside the bearings. The labyrinth seal makes sure that the fluid has to cross a difficult and zigzag path to escape the inner chamber. It successfully keeps the high-pressure area away from the lower pressure area.
  • It provides you a permanent split capacitor or single value capacitor. It doesn’t contain a starting switch and the auxiliary switch is always on the circuit. Thus it offers smooth acceleration and sound-free pumping.
  • Since it is an air-filled motor, the ball bearing has to be lubricated. This lubrication ensures smooth operation and prevents harsh rubbing that can lead to overheating.

Wrapping Up

So many manufacturers make sump pumps nowadays. Still, a quality sump pump within a reasonable price is so rare. But not anymore! GOULDS sump pumps are designed to fulfill all your requirements without fail. And the money you pay is totally worth it.

The limitations of this pump are not so severe comparing to other pumps. Also, GOULD’S phone service is pretty fast. In case you get a damaged pump due to inconvenient shipping, you can trust them to help you with the situation.

So that was it. Hope you have found our GOULDS sump pump reviews useful.

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